Project Pan progress

Here’s some long awaited updates! I have been doing my project pan quite diligently but I am just lazy to take photos and stuff :/


I promised myself I would trash The Body Shop lip and cheek stain by end Jan, and I did though I didn’t finish every scrap of it. It was really nice, but towards the end the shimmer dominated and looked kinda chunky and bad. I wouldn’t repurchase because I’m frankly sick of it, lol, and I’m trying to move away from easy-to-spoil liquid products. I’m proud of how much I used though!


My next cheek product to be panned is the NYX Cream blush in Natural. It’s actually a really, really nice blush, and it stays on FOREVER somehow. Very easy to apply, practically foolproof. I already have quite a large pan, because I used this blush everyday for quite a while before shelving it to pan the previously mentioned cheek stain. It will take me a good while to finish though. I definitely will be looking at picking up another one, after I consolidate my blush wardrobe and use up some shit.




I gave up on my lipstick in a pot. I decided I didn’t want to mess with a lipbrush every time I applied this mix that was kinda drying, especially in my super drying office air. I have another similar coral shade in a Dior lipstick, that is much easier to apply because it’s in a tube. (Now that I think of it I could have used it up as a cream cheek colour, but ah well.)

My next lipstick to be panned is my Life’s Entropy samples. Catalyst I already got the full size, so I need to finish up the sample, and pKA I have a similar other lipstick.


My face powder’s pan has increased in size slightly. Left is right now, right is a couple of months ago. As I’ve said before, it’s not very oil controlling, but as a foundation, it offers decent coverage and melds nicely with my skin. As a finishing powder it is also okay. As a bonus, now that I’ve got my minimint palette I technically can bring it to my office! So I can use it up more. I think I’ll take the whole year or more to finish it since I only really use it on the weekends.



I’ve also designated my eyeshadow base shade as the left pan, so I have been using it every day that I do eyeshadow since I made my Z palettes, in December. Let’s see how long it takes to pan a mini shadow (Sleek pans are very small) with near daily use!

This brown is also my daily crease shade when I don’t need a special crease colour for my eye look. It broke recently, I scooped up the rest to mix with another colour so I’m just left with like, half a pan’s worth. We’ll see how long it takes to finish it too 🙂

I’ve taken to tightlining and setting eyeliner with this black shadow. It broke before, so let’s see how long it takes to pan/use up a black (probably forever.)



I’m coming close to finishing my Life’s Entropy sample highlighter. Left is the one I’ve been using up, Right is a nearly full sample. I’ve been using lots of cream blushes, which give my skin a nice dewiness, so I haven’t been using much highlighter. Will try to incorporate it more.



I haven’t been using my Ever Green liner that much :/ I just don’t wear green liner like everyday you know? I’ve found a way to tone it down a notch, which is by patting some of the aforementioned black eyeshadow over it, which helps it to set better too. I think I need to make it my signature look for awhile to use it up.


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