Not Make up: Subscription Ice Cream


I just saw a subscription Ice Cream service today. Ice. Cream. We’ve seen subscription services for lots of things, but ice cream?

It’s called Pint Society and I think it’s only available to us locals. for $38-$29 a month you get 2 pints of unique ice cream.

The price is a little off putting to me. I love ice cream, but after I took my vow of frugality and started my personal finance blog, I don’t think I’ve actually purchased any. My favourite brand is Ben and Jerry’s, which is incredibly expensive in Singapore. One pint is usually around $13.50 our currency (~$9 USD.) and when it’s on sale, around $22 for 2 (~$15 USD.) I only buy it when it’s on sale and eat it over a period of like, 3 months, if no one gets to it before that.

I’m also really picky about my ice cream flavours. I HATE fruit in ice cream, and I hate anything with fruit sauces or whatever too.

On one hand I think this is an absolutely adorable subscription service and one that I might actually try once or twice, but definitely not for a year, because I will not be able to eat that much ice cream.

So far, the flavours sent out are:

Hazelnut gelato, crushed hazelnuts,
chocolate cake, 74% chocolate covered cornflakes

Sounds yummy! Hazelnuts are not objection, and CAKE!!!!

Coconut sorbet, pineapple sorbet, with banana cake chunks folded through

One of the aforementioned fruit ice creams. Coconut is okay, barely a fruit. I’m not too crazy about the banana cake, but I guess it should be tolerable.

Fresh ginger ice cream, candied ginger chunks and a handmade gingerbread man

Urghhhhhh. Seriously guys, GINGER? I really hate ginger. I gag whenever I accidentally eat a slice. Gingerbread is fine, and the flavour of ginger rather than like actual ginger is also tolerable…. I think. But….. argh.

Pineapple ripple ice cream with dollops of pineapple jam and flakey butter cookies folded through. Huat ah!

Inspired by our traditional Chinese New Year goodies, which I don’t love but would eat. Pineapple jam is something that I’m okay with. Sounds decent but not something I would love for $38.

Luscious 85% chocolate gelato with cocoa coated white truffles mixed in

Mmmmmmm, sounds like my kind of ice cream. But is this worth $8 more per pint than Ben and Jerry’s?


Would you sign up for this service? I don’t think I will right now, since I’m not supposed to spend any frivolous money and ice cream definitely counts as frivolous money, but I may in the future.


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