In the US and some thoughts

I’ve been in the US for the past 3 or 4 days! We’ve been eating AMERICAN food nonstop (and I’m getting fat) and it’s really nice weather near Houston, like spring for most other places I think.

Anyway, I initially had a lot of beauty purchases to make, but because my family is making a large investment that could potentially elevate us from upper middle class to… idk, even upper middle class? Not like I’ll end up in the 1% or something, you know. But maybe the top 10%, idk. Anyway, yeah, and I have been making large contributions to it, so don’t let them say I didn’t work hard to get where I am or will be. That also means that I should spend far less money on frivolous shit and more money investing for my future.

So far, I have only bought: a Minimint palette to arrange my depotted shadows in (paid entirely from my Paypal balance, accrued through selling stuff 🙂 and Maybelline Touch of Spice, which I already looooooooove. Btw, retail price was $7.99 or something and I got it at Walmart for around $6 after tax! Yay!!!!

I also stocked up on cheap candles because candles are atrociously expensive in Singapore and I love having a vanilla scented room a few hours every evening. I got some 500g vanilla candles at Walmart for like $5 each, so it’s awesome too.

I will not be making any indie purchases, and I will go home nearly empty handed except for the couple of things I’ve mentioned above.

Somehow, I’ve reached the happy point where (perhaps out of necessity) I don’t feel like buying any new stuff. I look at cool stuff and think ‘I already have a ton of eyeshadows in nearly every colour’ or ‘I already have a lipstick that looks like that’ or something along those lines.

(I did forget to bring my brow pencil. FML I HAVE NO BROWS. I am currently using the darkest shadow I have to fill in my brows but it can only do so much.)

So yep. I’ll probably blog about what I brought on my trip, as usual, if I can get over my weird sleeping schedule. I wake up every night around 1am and stay awake until 4+ D:


Btw, the Cheesecake Factory at the First Colony Mall is AWESOME. The portions are like GIGANFUCKINGNORMOUS and it’s decently priced. Asians eat small portions and I eat smaller portions than most, to the point where any eating out back home is usually too much food for me. And now there are GENEROUS portions by AMERICAN standards. Amazing stuff.


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