The Power of Makeup

This is for a project on r/MakeupRehab!

This is me literally just out of bed, in my PJs. I have nice featurers and nice skin, just a small zit on my chin and a fucking mosquito bite on my cheek. FUCKING mosquito.

(I’ve also got really chubby recently I think :((( TIME TO WORK OUT AND EAT LESS)


This is with base and the essentials done, like foundation and concealer, brows, I think some blush. I think I got eyeshadow and mascara done too but I’m going to work so I can’t exactly do something dramatic. Still haven’t fixed the hair.



Realized I forgot lipstick previously – I hadn’t eaten breakfast and I usually apply lipstick afterwards. Also added some finishing touches like highlighter and finishing powder.



What do you think?

PS. If I did liner or smoky eyes my eyes would look HUGE. Like, sometimes creepily huge.



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