Not Makeup: Help me find this very specific style of top.

I actually love love love fashion. I still do, but I also know that I’m lazy, so I try to make conscious choices about my clothes. I unfortunately also lost a TON of clothes (some very expensive, and my favouritest favouritest dress in the whole world too) in my move in May, so my wardrobe is… okay, but you know.

Anyway, this is a dress I used to have.


Single shoulder, wrapped around the neck. A little bit TOO form fitting for my taste, but very nice for evening. Gosh was I chubby. And can’t believe I carried a <$50 bag?! Lolz, srsly, so much has changed. But my love for the dress remainsssssssss.

Anyway while browsing etsy around I saw THIS:


It’s the EXACT SAME DESIGN as my dress. Maybe slightly more opaque, idk. And in a top form it can be dressed up or down. LOVE.

Unfortunately it’s EIGHT SEVEN FREAKING SINGAPORE DOLLARS as of now. My dress originally was from ASOS, and it probably cost something in the realm of $30?

So since I found the design on ASOS before, it must have come from China right? Off I went to Alibaba to dig for this very specific one-shoulder style.


This is the only thing I’ve found so far. Pros: it’s $14.40 USD with free shipping. Cons: the shop is pretty new and has few feedbacks, and there is no real life picture of the product soooooo it’s kinda sketchy. It’s also a long asymmetrical dress, which is not as great because it instantly spells formal. Although I could always hack the bottom off and hem it up into a top.




Note that I don’t actually need anymore clothes, my wardrobe is filled with gorgeous and carefully curated pieces that are classic and stand the test of time. Many dresses I’ve had for 5 years, some even more. So I am looking for this one very specific style of top/dress.

I don’t know if I will end up buying either. I don’t really want to buy from the etsy seller when it is not all that unique and costs >$100 with shipping. But I also think that the China seller is dodgy.


Any other places you can find?



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