Catrice Kaviar Gauche collection and nail polish review

I didn’t buy any make up in January except on the veeeery last day.


This LE collection from drugstore darling Catrice is actually from July 2015. For some reason, the display in my drugstore just changed to it. Meh, we are probably getting older stock, but whatever, I’m used to Singapore lagging behind lol.

I bought the Blurring Powder Pearls, Gentle Lip gloss, a top coat (mine’s running out) a nail polish, and a mint eyeshadow with gold (that I’ve been wanting for agesssssss.)

For 5 items, the total was $32, which is an INSANE steal. Catrice is one of the cheapest make up brands in Singapore, after Essence, their sister company.

The item that drew me in was obviously The Ballz. If you recall, last December I was lusting after these Guerlain Meteorites Perles des Neiges…


And I’m still utterly enchanted.

I was like 95% sure I’ll end up buying them. However, when I was near a Guerlain counter one day, I went to take a look and swatched them. HOLY SHIT were they glittery, there was literally chunky glitter up and down my arm. When I went out into the daylight, my arm was like Edward Cullen. No, no, no.

Luckily, these balls are MUCH less glittery. And for $8 instead of $112, they are very satisfying. Also, how AWESOME is the packaging for EIGHT DOLLARS?

I don’t have a swatch today, but I will get one as well as a performance of it on my face.

Suffice to say, I find that it’s slightly shimmery, but not highlighter territory. It’s completely acceptable as an all over face powder, it doesn’t look like you fell into a vat of glitter. You can also use it as a subtle highlighter on cheekbones, but nothing near to strobing here. It’s absolutely lovely and I will have to put up pictures documenting it soon.

I won’t be opening up the lipgloss yet until I’ve finished up a couple (which should be soon, because I slather on lip gloss like no one’s business in the office, the air is SO dry.) I have a sheer cream gloss that I’ve been topping over nearly any lipstick, and it’s going to be running otu soon. I read that it has a buttercream flavour, and it was $6 and it looks SO PRETTY. Yay!

Now, onto nail polish:

Other than that, here’s a swatch of the nail polish (I can’t remember which colour is mine…)


This is after 3 days of wear. You can see some slight tip wear especially on the index.

The colour of this polish is gorgeous. It’s a greyed out lilac, very nude, but very interesting. If you notice, all the Luxury Nude polishes have a slight duochrome thing going on. You can’t actually see much of the duochrome shimmer, but it adds a nice glow to the colour. It’s not a cream, but definitely not shimmery, so maybe a satin kind of polish. It reminds me of MAC Vex, which is why I bought it, lol.

Formula wise, it’s on the thick side. I find that it doesn’t layer very well, so I prefer applying 1 thick coat over several thin coats. It’s nearly opaque in 1 coat, to be frank, so that’s a plus. Not the easiest polish to apply, but decent.


Now, a review of the Quick Dry and High Shine top coat. I bought it because of the speed drying factor, I hate waiting for polish to dry. It’s a very thin top coat, very watery. It’s very easy to apply.

I find that it doesn’t give a very shiny finish due to the very thin nature of the top coat. I had to add 2 coats of top coat, actually, to get the level of gloss I wanted. It’s not really a problem because it dries at TOP SPEED, within 30 seconds it’s more or less dry.

As for longevity, I’ve recently been wearing all my polishes for around 1 week. There is more wear than I’m used to on the 3rd day, but I’ve been harder on my nails this week because I’ve been doing a bit more housework than recent weeks so I’m not sure it’s a fair comparison. Overall it wears well, but probably not the best at keeping wear. There are no chips though so it’s a good thing.

Overall, I think the top coat is worth it because it’s so easy and foolproof to apply and it dries like a dream, no more weird dents on your top coat!!! Plus it’s dirt cheap. I will be testing it out more extensively with other polishes as well, since it’s my only top coat.


I don’t have swatches of the eyeshadow yet either, so hopefully I’ll be updating with it soon!


Do check out Catrice! They have some real gems, and are so cheap 🙂


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