Reasons for not posting so much :(

I haven’t been posting so much recently, because I haven’t had much drive to take photos. Yes, I’m a lazy ass.

You see, I like to take photos when I’ve just done my make up, in the morning, when no one is around. I HATE to be seen taking selfies, so I do it on my balcony where there is flattering morning light.

Unfortunately having a job means that I frequently need to rush out of the house without a chance to take good pictures. There is literally no other time that I can take pictures.

It’s going to be Chinese New Year soon, which means we are frantically doing overtime to clear backlog up before Chinese New Year, and it means a long 4 day holiday next weekend, so I will try to do something next weekend and probably not this week.

In the meantime, I’ve emptied a liquid blush (more deets to come) and have made a carefully thought out purchase that saved me $100+. Excites!


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