Kiko BFF collection

Holy Crap!!!! Kiko has knocked it out of the park again with their Valentine Collection titled BFF. Once again, here are my picks 🙂

Endless Love lipstick

ENDLESS LOVE lipstick - 01 candy red

OMG THE PACKAGING SO CUTE. I love the little cut out heart. I also secretly love heart shaped lipsticks. This conveniently comes in Candy Red, a BRIGHT FUCKING RED (which is my kind of red.)

True Love Nail Lacquer:

TRUE LOVE nail lacquer - 01 darling coral

You know how I am seriously not into nail polish, but this has captured my heart. LOOK AT THIS GORGEOUS COLOUR. I’m a sucker for rose golds.

Love Elixir Face Powder:

LOVE ELIXIR face powder - 01 lovely rose

Seriously SO PRETTY. I used to have a Kiko blush (also LE) and it was the most perfect thing evar and I used it almost everyday until I smashed the shit out of it.

Heart to Heart EDP set: 

HEART TO HEART eau de parfum set

I have never tried perfumes from Kiko before. This is a great idea for a set, 2 mini 15ml perfumes, one for day and one for night for a decent price, great to bring around. Here’s the description:

Sweet Love is a bewitching and lively fragrance that is ideal for the daytime. The top notes of apple and blackcurrant give the scent an airy essence. The middle notes of freesia and jasmine reveal a surprising freshness. Finally, the base notes of vanilla with a trail of patchouli are elegant and irresistible. An ode to lighthearted love.

Deep Love is a sensual and enveloping fragrance, perfect for the evening. The intense notes of cherry and bergamot evoke passion. The blend of jasmine and frangipani reveals the essence of desire. Tonka bean and musk take you on an exuberant sensorial journey.

Both sound pretty decent, I just hope it doesn’t end up smelling like those cheapo supermarket perfumes.


I’m going to the US of A around 20 Feb, so I MAY be purchasing some off the Kiko US website, we’ll see 🙂


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