Cheapo Brush Diaries: Jessup

Background: I am very rough on my brushes, I think. I wash them every week (it’s a nice Sunday ritual for me) and I don’t take TOO much care while washing them. Last week the glue in my RT crease brush loosened and I had to add superglue to the space between the bristles and the ferrule to glue it back and hopefully make it last awhile more. I don’t quite care about investing serious $$ into super high quality brushes. I like well made brushes of course, but I like them cheap. I also like to have a good number on hand because I HATE using dirty looking/already used brushes. (I used to wash my brushes after every single use.)

Okay, anyway. The only eye brushes I had were the RT starter eye set, and as you can see in the name, it’s only a starter set. I was missing a few important brushes, the most important being a blending brush. So I went to look for some cheap and good brushes.

Jessup is a HK/China brand manufacturer that makes a dizzying array of synthetic and animal hair brushes. They are also dizzyingly cheap. I bought this set for around $6 USD, with free shipping (since I’m close to China.) SIX. USD. FOR 8 BRUSHES. THAT’S $1 EACH. This is the specific one I bought.


Overall, the brushes are well made. They have much longer handles than RT brushes, and are quite light. They haven’t shed much in the couple of weeks I’ve been using and washing them, and they’re pretty soft and non-scratchy.

These are the brushes in the set. From L-R:

  • Large Shader: One of the more useless brushes in my opinion, like a concealer brush but much larger. I use this to apply primer or cream shadow when I want to ensure my whole eyelid is covered. You could use this with powders I think but it’s not the best.
  • Concealer: I find this good for applying cream shadows and the Giorgio Armani pots. Smaller and more precise than the large shader but essentially the same.
  • Tapered blending: A nice rounded blending brush. It’s on the small side, which I like because my lid space is very small. Soft and floppy, does its job well and also can be used to apply crease colour.
  • Angled Shading: One of the weirder brushes. I love this though. It’s just the perfect size to fit into and blend my crease. The angle may or may not help, I don’t know. It’s nice and soft and floppy (not very densely packed with bristles.)
  • Eye Shading: Love this brush. It’s SO SOFT. It’s flat but fluffy, and great for packing on shadow. And so much less fluffed out than the RT one, which makes it much better for what it’s supposed to do. It could be a bit stiffer but it feels like heaven on my lids.
  • Pencil: It’s okay, functional but I feel the bristles are a little bit stiff and waxy and not as wonderful as the others. Does it’s job okay, which is to smoke out liner or for very precise outer V placements.
  • Eyeliner: So damn fat. I don’t use this much because it’s far too large to line my eyes. We’ll see.
  • Small Angle: I use this very often to line my eyes. It could be a bit stiffer, but it’s really thin and lines well, although it doesn’t pack it on as intensely because I think it’s not super dense. I like it because it’s the thinnest liner brush I have, but I admit that it could be a bit better.



Here’s a closer look at the angled shading. So flat, it is. Might be especially good for cut creases I think.


Comparison between the RT fine liner, the small angle brush and the eyeliner brush. The eyeliner brush from Jessup is HUGE.


This is the monstrosity that is the RT crease brush (also the one which I had to repair.) It’s far larger than both the angled shading brush and the tapered blending brush. I exclusively use it to contour my nose, which it does very well.



This is the flat shading and the tapered blending together with the RT flat shader, which I used to blend out my crease previously. You can see the RT shader is so fluffy, which makes it a terrible shader, but a good blending brush. It’s sort of in between the two.


On the whole, I heartily recommend these brushes. Out of 8 brushes, I found 5 useful, 2 usable, and 1 blah but maybe I can still give it another chance. The quality of these brushes are great, no shedding, the goat hair brushes are very soft and nice while the artificial bristles are decent too. And you can’t beat the price, ever. I will definitely put Jessup on top of my list should I ever need more brushes in the future.


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