The Useless Brush Diaries

Everyone has had one or two brushes in a set that you didn’t know how to use. This is a chronicle of mine.

As of now I only have two brushes I didn’t know how to use, mainly because I make sure that the number of brushes I know how to use greatly outnumbers the number of brushes I don’t before I buy them. How rational of me.

Yellow: RT pointed foundation brush, Grey: redearth travel brush.


Here is a good look at their size relative to my (tiny) hands.


Let’s start with the RT foundation brush. It came in the RT Base kit, and it’s a pointed, flat brush. It’s not very soft, and it can be scratchy. The bristles are also on the stiff side, it doesn’t flop around.

I don’t know how anyone is supposed to use liquid foundation with it. It can streak (as with all flat paddle brushes) and it’s not comfortable. Hence, it languished for a long time. I’ve seen loads of people destashing theirs. (I have no idea who buys them up though.)

But I’ve found a great use for it. I use it to apply NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer on my undereyes. The pointy tip is great for getting in the corners, and it’s big enough to not take forever. I dislike usual concealer brushes because they are SO.DAMN.SMALL.

Because it’s on the thick side (compared to the teeny and flat concealer brushes) it also works great for patting the concealer as well as spreading it. I use it in a spread-pat-pat-pat motion to blend it. It’s more precise than my fingers, takes a few seconds and gives me a good finish without being streaky. Win!


The second brush is more of a conundrum. Isn’t it the prettiest thing??? I’ve actually seen brushes of a similar type in China private label brush sellers, if they are of this quality then it would be amazing. The bristles are extremely soft and well cut, and the grey purple gradient is of course GORGEOUS. The ferrule is also very well made and I’ve never had a problem with shedding (both this and the 2 other brushes in the kit.)

The shape unfortunately is ?!?!?? It’s like not flat (you can see it’s puffier than the RT) and it’s quite dense, but it’s not like a usual poufy blush or powder brush either. Plus it’s super small.

I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to use this brush. Sometimes I use it to pat highlight onto my cheekbones, if I want a really strong or precise highlight. I also use it to apply cream brushes in a painting motion, like a paddle brush. It’s dense and stiff enough for that, and very precise since it’s so small, but it’s too flat so it’s not the best option, but it works.

Right now I use it the most with cream contour. I find that this gives me a very precise contour at my hollows that can be blended out (also with the paddle, painting motion.) I can also paint the bottom of my jaw with cream contour. The density and stiffness allows better usage with cream products compared to the RT contour brush I have.


I hope that this helps you to think up ways to use the brushes you didn’t know how to before. If you can think of other ways to use these 2 brushes of mine, feel free to comment!


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