Low Buy 2016

My relationship with makeup has always been a bit of a rollercoaster. On one hand, I love using and wearing make up, and my (nearly full) face 5 days a week is a ritual to prepare myself to go out into the world. Left on my own at home, I only wear sunscreen. If I need to pop out on the weekends, I apply some powder foundation, eyebrows and a bit of lip colour.

I think my make up kit is pretty satisfactory. I have enough funky colours (rose with green duochrome, purple with green duochrome, etc) to keep me interested, and just about one of each of the basic colours (1 cool red, 1 warm red, a few MLBBs, a couple of darks, corals, etc) I also have more eyeshadow and blush than I’ll probably ever finish in my life (oops.)

With all these in mind, I will be going on a low buy in 2016. Not that I have been buying stuff crazily even in 2015, but I want to enjoy and use my make up instead of thinking about specific products all the time.

I am probably going to the US soon though, so I do need to take into account the stuff that I plan to buy over there.

My low buy rules are quite simple:

  • 2 items a month maximum, can be rolled over.
  • Skincare is not counted (since I don’t need to replace any skincare anytime soon and I am completely unhyped by skincare)
  • Essential tools such as eyelash curlers are not counted. This is because my curler is kind of ineffective after 6 months (I think I’m really hard on my eyelash curlers) and I really don’t want to buy this kind of boring shit but I need to. Brushes are totally counted.
  • Hair and body care is not counted, because I don’t purchase these on the whole anyway.

Every sold destashed item adds to an additional total $ count, which will give me some additional wiggle room in the US. I will be very generous here and allow myself $1 USD per $1 SGD. Current count: $18 + $10 + $60 = $88 (!!!)


I think I will likely be sticking to buying indie stuff (only on Black Friday/major sales days or when I’m in the US) because mainstream stuff doesn’t really interest me anymore, which is good because I have way too much stuff anyway. Haha.

Let’s see how I do at the end of the year! Up till date (only 9 days so far, but I didn’t buy anything in December either) I have yet to purchase anything 🙂


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