Swatches of almost all Blackbird Cosmetics

Blackbird Cosmetics is an indie brand with impeccable branding and refinement. They specialize in mattes, which are basically the hardest eyeshadows to do well, and they do PRESSED mattes. Lovely!

HOWEVER, last Black Friday some people had some screw ups with their orders, with some people still awaiting theirs. With indies, there is always a danger of this happening, so I’ve been quite generous with waiting for my goodies when ordering from them. That said, it was quite a clusterfuck for a bit, so I don’t disagree with those who are warier of Blackbird now. I still plan on ordering from them as I believe the owner is honest, but I do hope that no funny things happen during the time of my orders.

I bought these sample baggies off someone locally. These are loose shadows, but Blackbird has since discontinued them. I like pressed shadows better anyway, so I treat it as just testing out their formula.


I have 18/20 samples. The two I don’t have are Beau (very dark chocolate brown) and Lucid (matte black). Everyone knows how a matte black looks like anyway right?

I swatched all the light colours together, the mid-tone colours, then the darker colours. This is to help you see if the colours within the Blackbird range itself is worth having, or it would be very similar. (I know I had the itch to buy THE WHOLE SET OF 20 at one shot once.)

I did these swatches without any kind of primer, which is impressive. I tested the sheerest shade (Vintage) over primer later on, and the pigmentation improved massively, so with a primer under these will probably be fabulous.


L-R: Half Full, Dim Tradition, Whisper, Modesty, Thirteen, Imogen

As you can see, Half Full, Dim Tradition and Whisper all look kinda similar on my arm and are very pale and chalky. This is kinda strange because I’m not that dark, my arm is NC25 at most (darker than face.) Modesty is a PERFECT base shade for me (blends right into my skin.) Thirteen is okay, like a taupey version of a base shade, but doesn’t get me very excited. Imogen is a rosy mauve that remind me of the colours in Naked 3.


L-R: (This was on my right arm)

Immortals, Juliet, Figment, Dog Days, Fiction, Everest

Immortals is quite meh to me, like a very blah cotton candy pink. Juliet is a peach pink, gorgeous and will probably be a great warm crease shade. Figment is a nice mauve that may or may not be hard to use in a look. Dog days is a nice medium chocolate, although potentially dupeable. Fiction is a slightly purple grey, made even purpler by my sallowness. Everest is kind of a olive-khaki, but my skin makes it look grey :B



L-R: Vintage, Smudge, Gravity, Fire Pledge, Ruca, Atlas

Vintage was a little bit sheer compared to the rest, as you can see. It’s a gorgeous purple leaning plum though (and did perfectly well over primer.) Smudge is a taupe that I fell in love with the second it was on my arm. Gravity is a slightly darker plum. Fire pledge is a slightly muted and burnt orange. Ruca is a brick brown, and Atlas is a muddy brown (not my favourite, it’s kind a poo-ey colour.)

I wore Modesty as a base on my eye, with a bit of Everest over, without primer underneath, and about 6 hours later there was no creasing and some slight fading. I expect these to be even better over primer.


For my future purchase, I have narrowed my selection down to 11 shades so far. I am also interested in trying a contour powder (not sure which colour would suit me the best yet) their green correcting powder (since I realized I am olive-skinned) and their Moonlight Lover blush (which looks like a GORGEOUS lilac.)

I am supposed to be panning my stuff instead of buying new make up though, so I am definitely making an effort to use up some stuff first. Blackbird will definitely be on my to-buy list.


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