Make up for Family Photoshoot

We had a family photoshoot recently. Although the focus was not on me obviously, and was on my little girl, we all had to look our best, right?

(The poses are not the best though, it is SO HARD to pose the baby that we basically didn’t care about ourselves.)


So cute!


For my make up look, I did a natural but heavy look, because photography washes make up out. If you look at the photo above, I look like I’m wearing just a little make up, and not the shitload that I actually put.

I put an insane load of highlighter (Mary Lou Manizer) and mascara. I used black eyeliner but kept it thin so that it wouldn’t look too made up on camera. Lipstick is Buxom Dolly. It’s a little too dark for me to be MLBB IRL, but it’s perfect darkness for a photoshoot (not to mention a fantastic formula, I LOVE Buxom Lipsticks.)



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