My Z-palettes and depotting Sleek Eyeshadows

I have a lot of Sleek eyeshadow palettes (12.) I obviously wasn’t making very good use of them, and to really take stock of how many eyeshadows I have, I depotted ALL of them into 3 large magnetic palettes.


Holy crap! Look at the amount of eyeshadow I have!!!!

I use 2 palettes for storage purposes, and 1 palette to hold the eyeshadows I use regularly.


In the palette I use regularly, I have 1 champagne brow highlight shade, a base all a variety of mid-tone lid shades that are neutral-lish yet interesting, and I have a whole bunch of crease shades, from usual (browns) to unconventional (orange and burgundies.) I have a matte black at the bottom corner for good measure. I also intend to use certain blush-coloured eyeshadows as blush, since I am very unlikely to do a look using fuchsia eyeshadow.

As you can see, some shadows have had accidents. Mattes are very, very fragile, especially drugstore matte shadow because they tend to be very stiff and chalky. Shimmers are no problem at all, if they break just press them back. I had a small little zip lock in which I kept broken shadows and mixed them into a gorgeous purple loose blush.

I used the pry method, which mean using a pen knife to pry out the insert before using alcohol to dissolve the glue. I do not recommend this method because I actually broke my penknife doing this. For my last palette which I could not for the life of my pry out, I used the flame method, where I held the palette (with a pair of pliers) over my stove and waited for the heat to melt the plastic and glue. This was INFINITELY EASIER and faster, BUT the palettes were also ruined. The pry method ensured that you could reuse the palette to hold stuff if it so pleases you. So it depends on yourself.

Sleek pans are not magnetic, but NEVER FEAR. Instead of buying a shitload of expensive magnetic stickers like I could have, do this instead:


I used 1 section of the blade for each pan, and a pack of 10 was just enough for me and cost me like $1.

I am very happy with this depotting, and looking at my depotted shadows I seriously feel no need to buy any more eyeshadow for the rest of my life. Hah, I will probably still make some indie eyeshadow purchases, but I probably won’t be tempted by any mainstream shadows for the next year, hopefully.


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