Back to Basics: NYX Black Bean and Milk Jumbo Eye Pencils

My make up collection is sorely lacking some basics, because I favour the sparkly and shiny over the essential (of course.) Recently, I’ve really wanted an eyeshadow base, because my random black kohl liner as a black base is running out, and I flat out don’t have a white base. And the cheapest and easiest one out there are the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils, in Black Bean and Milk.


I got these for dirt cheap on Carousell. NYX stuff are very cheap everywhere anyways.

First off: they are absolute rubbish as eye pencils. They are suuuuuuuuper creamy, which means they don’t stay on your lids, ever. They are total crap if you’re looking for cream shadow stick-esque products. That’s why I don’t intend to get any beyond Milk and BB.


However, their creaminess means that they’re brilliant as an eyeshadow base. They’re tacky and shadow sticks onto them. Products with all kinds of textures work well on them: glitter, mattes, and shimmers, unlike a fixative (say, Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy) which would ruin mattes.  With primer underneath and shadow on top, they don’t move around. But all things considered I would say these are fickle things, essential basics but you definitely do not want to fuss with them when you’re rushing. The trick is to apply enough such that the eye area is covered and tacky, yet not creamy enough to slip around.

Black Bean is a suuuuuper quick smoky eye look. Colour it into your lids, blend out a bit, add some glittery shadow, and you’re done. But if you’re like me with oily lids, or living in a humid place, definitely wear primer. Seriously. Milk is brilliant as a base for most shadows.

Here I show how Chanel Nymphea looks on Milk. First, I applied primer all over both lids.


I applied milk very thickly. On hindsight, I made a mistake: you likely don’t need to apply on the crease, just on the lids and on a brow highlight if you want.


Blended slightly



With Milk



Without milk.


There is a definite increase in vibrancy. I find that it’s not as refined as I would like, because the white base interferes a little with the transparency of Nymphea. On hindsight I should have chosen a different shadow 😀

It also made it last longer. While the side without was a little faded after 6-8 hours, the side with Milk faded less.

I don’t actually like Nymphea with Milk because it kind of messes up the colour, but after 6-8 hours Nymphea looks beautiful on Milk.

I’m glad I got these because they will work with every single eyeshadow I own. Although, now that I think of it, I don’t fancy very vibrant eye looks, I’m more a subtle girl. I aim to finish using up Milk in 2 years, while BB will take god knows how long, since I don’t do smoky often.


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