My favourite Nail polish Ever!

Seriously, this is my favourite nail polish EVER.



It’s Revlon Wintermint. I got it in a set of 3 for $12. WHAAAT. I’ve wanted this polish for like 2 years because it’s so pretty, but I’ve waited on it because I don’t particularly love polish and I was waiting for a good deal. Then a good deal came along. I also like the other 2 colours, but we’re not going to care about them today.

I’ve talked about the Revlon Parfumerie series before. They’re a bit more expensive than regular polishes, because they come in a variety of scents to match their colours. I’ve tried Apricot Nectar before and liked it.



This is 2 coats with a top coat. My top coat is sad and dying, so it didn’t have much effect anyways. It’s easy to apply with a good dispersion of glitter throughout (I didnt pay any attention to where it landed, and it all landed okay.) 2 coats is enough to give a more or less opaque application. It also dries pretty fast, no fussy application here.

It’s supposed to smell like mint, but frankly it wasn’t very strong to me. Maybe it was because my hands were smelling like polish remover. Next time I apply it I will make sure my hands smell of nothing. Anyway I don’t really like mints, I bought it for the colour.

The longevity is really, really good. I did use a topcoat (when I don’t always do with normal polishes) but like I said, my topcoat is running out and I could only get the teeniest bit on each nail. It lasted over a week on me with minimal wear. I only had significant wear on my index fingers (which do the most shit, so it’s natural.) If I touched up the index fingers, I think I could squeeze 2 weeks out of one mani.

(The pictures are of the 3rd day thereabouts if I’m not wrong, which explains the slight wear.)

I think it goes gorgeously with my skintone. (Don’t my hands look yellow?!) The minty green has always been my favourite kind of shade. Although it is cooltoned,  there is gold shimmer in the polish, which warms it up enough to complement my skin. This is exactly my favourite eyeshadow colour ever (the minty green with gold shimmer in Chanel Nymphea) only with green glitter bits.

It’s nice and pale enough to look neutral, while being completely unboring and pretty elegant.

This is my absolute favourite nail polish ever. And since I’m not a polish fanatic, when I say it I absolutely mean it. There is no other nail colour that will have as special a place in my heart as this. It currently sits on top of my bed headrest so that I can stare loving at it every morning and night.


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