Sample Rundown #2

1. Flora by Gucci Glamorous Magnolia:

My mum bought a mini vial (I think 5ml) of this to bring to China. The scent is quite a lovely, soft floral. No sweetness, and I get why it’s called Glamorous, because there is a touch of glamour. Not full on glamour, but a mysterious one. Purchase?: No, because literally ALL my perfumes are florals and it’s not special enough to me.

2. MUFE Lab Shine Lipgloss in S2 (Star series)

Got this mini as a freebie. It’s a very sheer sparkly beige lipgloss. Originally I tried applying it by itself but it just looked bad because it was so sheer. When I layered it, it’s actually not bad. It’s supposedly beige/peach but honestly it’s pretty damn sheer so it can top any lipstick, giving it a slight warmth. It’s quite thick and gloopy (boohoo) but only slightly sticky, so it’s quite comfortable to wear. It’s also very moisturizing so that makes me happy. The smell is supposedly apricot: to my philistine nose, it smells fruity and flowery and the scent is pretty nice. Unfortunately it also has the classic plasticky lipgloss taste, so that’s not so great. Overall a decent gloss, says the person who hates glosses. Too bad I think they discontinued this in favour of the new Plexi glosses. Purchase?: Can’t but don’t really want to, but I’m glad this made me reconsider the lip layering thing.

3. Shokubutsu Anti Bacterial body wash

Free sample from the Great Eastern Women’s Run goodie bag. Isn’t it awesome they give out so many beauty products? This smells great, if not especially exciting. Cleansing/anti bacterial powers don’t seem much different to me. Purchase?: Not in the near future because I have a shitload of my favourite bodywash to go through.

4. Etude House Moistfull Collagen Sleeping Pack


Another day, another collagen product from Etude House… The sample size comes in a tube, which I VASTLY prefer over the tub, because obvious reasons. This is a sticky sleeping pack. It comes out in a sticky white gel, and it remains sticky for a long while. I find it quite hydrating, and I’m thankful for this because the new moisturizer I’m using isn’t as thick. Overall, not a bad product. Purchase?: No, I don’t think it’s very necessary to my routine, but you may like it. 


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