A comparison of brow products

bBrows are very boring to me. I don’t find joy in perfect brows. I just need them to be decent and I’m happy.

I have relatively thick and messy brows (for an Asian at least) and I’m so glad for the natural messy brow trend, because I can’t be arsed to groom them to perfection. The only difficulty I face is having a good brow colour in a good formula. Here is a overview of the products i frequently use on my brows.


L-R: Random unbranded brow pencil, Covergirl Lashblast Clump Crusher mascara, Life’s Entropy Brow Theory in Ebony.

The brow pencil has been around for at least 2 years. It’s down to a tiny nub, but I’m not finishing it up because it’s handy to use on travels.

After my Clump Crusher exploded, I depotted it into a couple of jars. It has been on my brows ever since.

The Life’s Entropy Brow Theory has been blogged about before. It’s hands down the best brow product I’ve used and owned, although that’s not saying much. But it’s creamy, super pigmented, and stays put for days. DAYS.


Colour wise, one complaint I’ve always had about the brow pencil and most brow products in general was that it was way too grey. You can see that it’s not very pigmented (which is fine, brow pencils are like that) but the base has a definite grey tone. This makes it look really weird on my super warm and yellow skin. Of course, it’ll do in a pinch, but I wouldn’t pick it if I had a choice.

The mascara is actually a very decent brow product. It dries up very fast in a pot (I’ve had to add saline drops countless of times already, but I don’t care since I’m applying it on my brows not lashes.) So that explains the kind of gritty and messy swatch. On my brows, it’s not the easiest product to use. The colour is alright, but it can get messy if I’m not careful since it’s hard to blend it out and get even coverage in my whole brow. The colour is also okay, it doesn’t blend to a cool grey unlike the brow pencil.

Life’s Entropy is my HG brow product (which is not saying much.) It’s incredibly smooth and creamy and pigmented. Plus, it’s a wondrous colour. It’s actually a black-brown. It’s the perfect colour for my brows because it matches the warmth of my skin, while still being well, black.


L (picture’s left) mascara, R LE Brow Theory

See how the mascara looks cooler than the Brow Theory? and my brow is thicker there? It’s much harder to control blending and even distribution of colour.

So the main takeaway is that mascara is a perfectly acceptable alternative to brow products, and Life’s Entropy Brow Theory is fucking awesome.


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