Menow Long Lasting Lipgloss Review

You would have seen this around if you haven’t been living under a rock. These are incredibly affordable lip products (usually $1-2 USD each.)

The name is a complete misnomer. They are a liquid-to-matte dry down lipstick. I suppose the liquid lipstick term has not yet entered the China vernacular. I’ve never really liked liquid to matte lipsticks, and I usually value quality over quantity, so I never really got into these. I was searching for dupes of popular colours though, and I found many dupes. Since they’re so affordable I sprang for a few.

The colours I bought were #18, #27, #29, #37. #37 is not listed on most swatch pictures which only go up to 36. 37 and 38 are super neon, I only found out about their existence from Badoutfitgreatlipstick which also has a review here.


Swatches of all 4 lipsticks! L-R 18, 27, 29, 37. I have no idea why the colours show up so subdued 😦 The swatches on top are my dupes.

I swatched 18 with Life’s Entropy Catalyst Lip Theory, Colourpop Frenchie with 27, and Chanel Coromandel RAL with 29.


18 on derpface.


Left is Ghoulish, Right is 18.

#18 is a supposed dupe for Limecrime Cashmere aka the super popular greige/taupe colour which took the world by storm. Here I have swatched it with LASplash Ghoulish, another supposed dupe for Cashmere. Ghoulish is cool but makes me look dead and somewhat decayed. In comparison, #18 is very much pinker and rosier. On my lips, it’s a gorgeous nude. Certainly not the taupe-greige I was gunning for, though it’s a far more wearable colour. If you’re very cool toned it may read greyer on you. It’s actually quite close in colour to my Favourite Life’s Entropy Catalyst Lip Theory, but slightly less pink. It’s also the stickiest out of the 4 colours.


#27 is a supposed dupe for Limecrime Suedeberry, which is a super bright corally red I fell in love with recently. It is completely not like suedeberry though. It’s more of a Lady Danger, which is perfect because I was trying to find a warm red that was red enough.


#29 is a gorgeous slightly muted rose ? I actually think it looks super flattering on me, but it kind of looks like another red…


#37 is the gorgeous neon orange! I sprang for the orange instead of the pink because with my super yellow skintone I feel like I wear orange much better. It’s seriously neon. Stay away if you’re shy. I actually don’t think it looks very flattering on me. This picture makes it look a lot more pink, the actual colour is like highlighter neon orange. Plus, it has application issues. It doesn’t layer well and isn’t fully opaque. I will try using this as a blush or over other lipsticks, it’s very fussy on its own.


I find that the formula differs wildly among all 4 colours. #29 was the best, and the one I wore for the longest few hours and didn’t felt uncomfortable. Application wise it was thinner than the rest which made it less sticky. 37 was very problematic because it was not opaque, and it requires at least 2 layers and lifts in patches if you don’t let it fully dry. 18 was the worst in stickiness, so I’ve resorted to layering stuff over it. 27 was also pretty good.


The formula in general is rather sticky. It’s not 100% dry, making it more like the Life’s Entropy liquid lipstick I have, than the LASplash one. The stickiness seems to intensify throughout the day, although it is never completely unbearable. Your lips won’t stick together mid-sentence, but it’s definitely there and may affect you if you say a lot of Bs fast. (It’s a back-breaking back to basics bitching book.) It’s also a bit heavier and you feel like there is something on your lips. Overall, not too bad especially considering the price.

There are a few different ways to combat both stickiness and drying:

Using a transparent matte powder to dust over it lightly. This is potentially even more drying but does make it super matte and totally dry.

Applying balm underneath or on top. This makes it unmatte (though not glossy, maybe satin?) and destroys the non-transfer, but the lipstick is very pigmented so it will transfer and still look fine (like the Life’s Entropy, once again.)

Or you could just layer a gloss over it. I do this over 18, which I find just teetering on unbearably sticky. It’s still long lasting.

I dont actually find these very drying for my lips. Today i wore #18 with smokier eye make up (as with the full face lip swatch) with balm beneath and it was comfortable the whole day.

Longevity also seems good. I had lunch as normal and the lipstick was still pretty good, but i topped with a gloss after lunch. I didn’t have a need to touch up the base colour at all. It does not flake away, and i can reapply over the original layer very easily.

I’m reasonably happy with the colours I bought, and I’m ambivalent about matte liquid lipsticks so I’m glad I didn’t spend a lot of $ on these. I wouldn’t get more, but I would be keeping these.


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