PSA: Life’s Entropy Black Friday Sale with NEW PRODUCTS!!

I am not being paid/compensated to say this in any way. I do this because I LOVE LIFE’S ENTROPY.


After loads of good experiences with their products, and with Catalyst being an absolute fave of mine, I was itching for LE’s Black Friday sale. I obsessively checked the site since Monday, at least twice a day, no kidding.

I previously emailed Jane (the owner) about whether a Black Friday sale was happening or not. She told me that Lip Theories will now come in a lipgloss tube instead of a squeeze tube, and there would be tons of new stuff.


My favouritest lip colour evar. (EXCEPT that it is irritating to apply with a brush, but now Jane solved this problem for me! Yippee.

Here are some pics of the new stuff!

Unfortunately, individual samples are not for sale yet (but the whole set of the new stuff is for sale at a set discount.) Seeing as I don’t need another 20 lip colours (seriously….) I will be skipping most of the new stuff, except a couple of wearable colours in a full size maybe. Maybe next Black Friday? 😀


Me like mauvey pinks! Looks like a great MLBB colour.



So pretty!


I actually really like purple lip colours and this is edgy without being unwearable.


Would love to buy a sample of this but CAN’T.


Like Fyrinnae Romantique/Nars Orgasm for your lips!


Use code BF20 for 20% off, and a spend of over $30 gives you a free mini Hybrid:


Really edgy, but veering on unwearable….

If you want something other than lip colours, I strongly recommend their Brow Theories (awesome bulletproof shizz.) Their eyeshadows are not hte most exciting, but are nice. Their highlighters are worth a try too (although it didn’t work out that well for me!) Their matte liquid lipsticks are pretty good as well. I still find the formula for the lip theories to be absolutely PERFECT. Super pigmented, smooth and creamy, smells fantastic and lasts well. I hope the newer colours are as awesome!


My personal order consists of:

  • Placebo gloss (I tried making my own DIY gloss and it was an utter failure, so I will be buying theirs)
  • Catalyst (full size since I loved my sample)
  • Lip theory samples (in Vaccine, Apoptosis, Enzyme and Fusion. Specifically because I want to make a Dragon Girl dupe, and a Lime Crime Suedeberry dupe)
  • And probably 1 or 2 of the new colours in a wearable shade.

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