Products I’ve used up

I like rotating through my stash, so I rarely fimish make up. I also seem to apply less than most people or something because my face is small, my skin is good and maybe I’m just extra unwasteful.

There are several things that I have used up, however.

1. L’Oréal Shine Caresse Lip Gloss Stain in Lolita

I’ve never got around to reviewing this formula on my blog but I absolutely loved these back then and now still, mainly because they’re nonsticky and are glossy enough to cover any lip imperfections I have (which are numerous.) When they first came out I wasn’t even particularly into make up yet (ie had 1 of each basic make up item.) Lolita was a great MLBB shade that was comfortable and relatively long lasting. I used this nearly everyday for a year or so. I also love the name! (Lolita is one of my favourite pieces of literature.) I ended up scraping the sides of the tube for it.

Repurchased?: No, because I got distracted by other stuff, haha.

2. The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Powder Foundation

Bought this when I didn’t know much about makeup. It took me about 2 years of semi-regular use, AND my cat spilling a significant amount to finish it. It’s very sheer and I did not find that it did anything spectacular for me. I did keep the container for other uses though.

Repurchased?: No

3. Blush

I had a random unbranded blush that I finished up. Mainly it was because it broke and I didn’t have that much product left, haha. Still took me around 1 year of daily usage.

4. Eye brow pencil

Can’t remember the brand I used. I don’t go through eyebrow pencils quickly because my brows are decent and I can’t be bothered about them. I have no idea how people can run through pencils in a couple of months. It took me like a year++++ to finish it.

5. Sana Pore Putty Moist (primer)

Hooray! I finished this up recently. I got this about 2+ years ago but didn’t use it regular until 2014. It took me 1.5 years of consistent use to finish it up. I applied it very sparingly, since my skin is generally good and I don’t need too much in the way of face products.

Repurchased?: Possibly when I finish my current primer, since I don’t like experimenting with boring shit like primers, and this worked well for me.

6. Couleur Inc Automatic Brown eyeliner

No pics because I can’t find any. This is a very very cheap Japanese brand that you can find in John Little in Singapore, that has great quality for the price (think Wet &wild!)  I used this regularly for maybe close to a year. This is as good a liner as regular pencils (ie non gel pencils) get, it smudges after a long day but not like crazy, and is reasonably easy to draw.

Of course, I finished up quite a few mascaras too, since they’re the one item that we need to go through regularly.

Have you finished up any/lots of make up? I find that I lose many items (arghhhh) before I finish them up completely, especially if they’re something that I use very often and carry them around.

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