The Anastasia Self Made palette is driving me nuts!!!


You know how i hate buying into new releases right? Yet ever since Temptalia posted pics of Anastasia Self Made palette, I’ve been itching to get it!

I never liked Anastasia. Brows were never much concern for me and they are too trendy for me to like. I know exactly why I’m lusting for the palette. Can you guess?

It’s that gorgeous seafoam minty green, Isla. SO. FUCKING. GORGEOUS. It reminds me of my favourite eyeshadow from the Chanel Nymphea quad. I LOVE ME SOME MINTY SEAFOAM. Okay, the other shadows are quite pretty too. I like Blush (the duochrome MAC Vex dupe) and the others are neutral and functional. I’m not too excited about Deep purple though everyone else is, it’s a bit out there for me.

The palette is $60 (cheapest I’ve seen) from resellers. It’s not expensive (the Nakeds are way more!) But it’s been SO LONG since I’ve bought a brand new palette. And as someone who thinks long and hard about dropping $25 on a single item, $60 is a lot to swallow.

Plus, I love the idea of owning gorgeous shadows, but I don’t do exciting looks very much at home. I stick to not-boring neutrals for when I leave the house (with the new job, meaning every workday) but frequently I’m lazing around and not wearing any. Today the only makeup I applied was some tinted moisturizer, brows and to test out some lip products. That’s my usual lazy day look. So i know I won’t get lots and lots of use out of it.

HOW??? Buy or not?

My current plan is to wait till Dec 1, since I know I will be blowing some $$ on black friday sales. If it’s still $60 or less then, maybe I’ll jump the ship. It doesn’t seem to be selling well though, I’ve seen the same few people repost the palette over and over.


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