Sample Rundown #1!

I don’t get that many samples because I don’t buy retail very often, if at all. Still, if I get a generous sized sample of something it’s usually enough to form an opinion about!

1. Etude House Real Art cleansing oil:

Mona Lisa receiving billions of dollars to endorse this product.

Received from the Great Eastern Women’s Run goodie bag. It has a citrus scent, which is pleasant but citrus oils are notoriously problematic in skincare. It removes make up and even apocalypse proof mascara well and doesnt sting eyes. However it doesn’t emulsify off well and leaves a film on my skin. Although it doesn’t sting my eyes during cleansing, the residue always make my eyes itch afterwards. Boo. Purchase?: No because I rather use mineral oil to remove make up, cheap and effective.

2. Etude House Collagen Moistfull peeling wash:

Collagen is nonsense in skincare, especially in facial wash. You don’t need your facial wash to do fancy things other than clean your damn face. Luckily, Etude House’s products are all affordably and fairly priced anyway. Otherwise, this is a so-so face wash. The peeling bits help to gently exfoliate, but I feel it doesnt make my face very clean. It certainly can’t get rid of all my foundation (and I don’t wear apocalypse proof full coverage ones!) It doesn’t sting my eyes though so that’s a plus. Similar slight citrus scent as the Real Art oil. Purchase?: Nope. 

3. Premier Dead Sea Serum, not sure which one it is since I threw away the sample pack, possibly Concentrated Facial Serum.
This sample sachet was extremely generously sized. I used it when we went to Hangzhou for 4 days and I used it morning and night and spilled a little and it was still enough. It has a very nice feel mainly due to the super high silicone content (dimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane, and more.) It smells lightly citrus, almost exactly like the Real art cleansing oil. I actually really liked the emollience for the harsh cold days (it was freezing in Hangzhou) and I did feel like it helped my skin, but I suspect it’s too much for my usual humid climate. Plus, I hate Premier on principle for their hard selling tactics. Purchase?: Nah, too overpriced. 

4. Lancome Advanced Genefique 
See full review here. Purchase?: Nah, better options at cheaper prices! 

5. Lancome Advanced genefique eye cream:
I don’t know, i don’t have much of an opinion. I don’t like eye creams anyway. Purchase?: Clearly not. 

6. Guerlain Tenue de Perfection in 01 Beige Pale aka the less sexy cousin of Lingerie de Peau/Parure de Lumiere

Even the model’s foundation colour looks wrong?! The MUA should be fired!!

I forgot how closely the lightest shade matched me but I remember it being passable. Anyway this is super hardcore. The little sachet lasted me like a week or something. It’s super high coverage and is APOCALYPSE PROOF. I can rarely say that about foundations because our humidity kills anything but this is the shit. Plus it doesnt look very cakey. I was quite impressed. The only thing is the shade match, I don’t think anything is yellow enough to match me perfectly, which is what you need with something so high coverage. The shade range in general is very limited. Boo hoo. Purchase?: Eventually yes, IF I can find a good shade match. 

7. MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash

This seems to be a standard MAC sample for most purchases, not that I know because I have never purchased anything retail from MAC. Not waterproof = fail for me, I think most people agree that MAC’s mascaras suck. It is very black and quite voluminizing but it doesnt hold a curl or lengthen (so your lushes look like leg hair stubble srsly), plus it smudges relatively easily. Boo. Purchase?: No way.

I still have loads of skincare samples, so I will be reviewing those in the future!


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