Back from China!


China is my hometown, so I find that I settle in quite easily because I did grow up there in my babyhood and I visited several times as I was growing up. Plus I’m not half as fussy as my husband, so I have a much easier time with things.

I only missed 2 things very much.

  1. My milk tea. I drink 3 mugs a day, everyday. The last few days I bought some packets of ‘milk tea’ that was nothing like what I drink at home.
  2. GOOGLE.

Yes, there is NO GOOGLE IN CHINA. And no other assorted google services. I couldn’t access Blogger, Instagram, Facebook, and a lot of other international news websites like Bloomberg and so on. WordPress was also a crapshoot, which was why I was blogging from the phone. Most of all I COULD NOT PLAY MY GAME which was very distressing. I’m not sure whether I will restart playing it or that weaning myself off it was better for my life.

I did have a few posts written in China that haven’t gone up yet, so you will see those. But for now, back to humid Singapore!


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