Purchases in China

I didn’t buy much in China, but…


Despite me going on Project Pan I couldn’t help but pick these up. These are the Mentholatum Watercolour lipsticks that I absolutely love, in all the colours I don’t have. They seem to have been reformulated, and the name changed to Sugar Lip by Watercolour. The formula seems to be more or less the same gorgeous melting buttah texture as before.


L-R 01 Vintage Pink, 03 Fantasy Pink, 05 Sexy Pink, 06 Rock and Roll pink

Here’s a quick swatch. I intend to do a full review with lip swatches in the near future. All were 1 swipe. Despite these being sheer tinted balms they actually pack a punch of colour. All the colours are translucent but pigmented.

Vintage Pink is a gorgeous dusty pink. It leans mature and fits many looks. I like its elegance. Fantasy Pink is a coral. It seems to be the less neon, more polite cousin of Kissy Pink. there’s some gold glitter in the tube which made me very hesitant but it doesnt show up in the swatch and more importantly there is 0 grittiness on the lips. Sexy Pink is a pinker coral. Rock and Roll Pink is a berry, plummish red and the darkest of the bunch.

I got them at 53.80 RMB for 2 because there was BOGO50%. Works out to be around $5.50 SGD which is a steal! So happy with these, I will definitely use them a lot.



Also bought a cape top in a light beige colour. It’s a gorgeous suede and light enough for our perma summer. It’s a teeny bit short so I’ll have to wear high waist stuff or a tank underneath but I love it! And 150RMB (~32SGD!)



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