FOTD: Burgundy




I haven’t been wearing much eyeshadow lately in China, so today I took the opportunity to do a bit more with my makeup.

I’m lacking an eyeshadow primer, so the colours are not as vibrant nor did they last as long.

I used my own curated collection of The Body Shop Shimmer cubes. The star was a reddish burgundy shade that is absolutely gorgeous on my lids and very pigmented.

I also used the frosty pink from my purples shimmer cube palette as a center lid highlight and browbone highlight. The crease was just some increased definition with Illamasqua Hollow which is THE perfect natural contour colour for me now that I’m paler.

Lips are a new acquisition, Mentholatum Watercolour lips (my HG sheer lipstick/tinted balm) in RocknRoll pink that’s a new colour. It’s gorgeous and so very soothing.

Ps if I look fatter that’s cos I am, have been eating non stop here.


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