How my routine changes in cold weather

I’m in a seasonal place now. Its late autumn and a frosty 5-10 celsius due to some cold air we have here. Im

Its such a change from our perma-summer. And here’s how my routine has changed:

1. DRY SKIN. After i do my cleansing for the day, i have FLAKES ON MY NOSE. Holy crap this has literally never happened before. I used to clean my face and not moisturize for a long while afterwards. And i didnt have this problem when i spent 2 weeks in europe last year. The air here must be really dry.

2. Therefore moisturizer has become my best friend. I’m glad i took the big container instead of travel samples because im positive it won’t be enough. My face totally drinks it up. It disappears completely in an hour or so.

3. Hand creams and body lotions are actually useful now! I know how people can go through tubs and tubs of them. I am certainly making a big dent.

4. Luckily thanks to my skin being dryer i have no problems with blemishes and pimples at all!

5. I now find serums and all actually useful. Previously i could just put moisturizer and be done. Now sometimes moisturizer is not enough and I’m glad for the added emollience.

6. Dry shampoo is finally being used!! I finally don’t shower 2 times a day, so every other day I use dry shampoo.

7. My hair is seriously dry. The roots are very crunchy and I’m very annoyed. Time for the hair serum.

I’m actually liking here very much because my parents have a lovely little loft that’s perfect for a couple or small family who don’t mind small spaces. Its in Hangzhou, China which is one of the most beautiful cities in China. wish i could live here a year and find some simple employment, that would be seriously cool! Plus i would love to enjoy the 4 seasons. On the flipside, there is no google or google related services (gmail, blogger, insta, twitter, etc etc) so it’s also a pain in the ass.


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