Make up Inventory

In a fit of neurosis I went to unearth my entire make up collection.

I wish that make up companies made smaller sizes. I mean, I do feel sad about minis compared to regular sized stuff, but seriously, we don’t ever finish products. (Which is why I’m doing project pan!) Most people who buy make up are make up lovers, who have a ton of products. Honestly, if I could buy minis for decent prices, I definitely would.

I’m quite good about skincare. Even though I was gifted with a ton of random skincare recently I’m good about using one product until it finished and then moving on to the next, so I won’t have a problem slowly finishing stuff up. Make up though….

So, let’s take a look at my make up hoarding…

Base products: 12 (forgot to include primer in picture.)

I am generally good with not buying base products. Somehow though I ended up with a ton of powders though I don’t need to powder my face very often.


Powders: 5

Concealers: 2

Liquid foundations: 3 (soon to be 2!)

Etc: 2 (primer and illuminator)

Eyeliners: 17 (whoops!) 


Holy crap do I have many eyeliners!!!!!!!! Nothing to say here.

Actually the NYX wonder pencil (the beige pencil) is utilitarian: I use it to blank out my pencils, or sometimes to do a natural brighter line on my eyes. I’m in no hurry to finish it because it’s great when I do need and use it.

Face products: 20 + 1 pan I didn’t include in this picture. The Shu has 2, and the Sleek palettes have 3. I count individual pans.


Wasn’t as large as I thought! Still very large…

Bronzer/contour: 3

Highlighter: 5

Blush: 13

Lip products: 37  (This is after I gave away a few and lost a lot… whoops!)


Glosses: 6

Lip pencil: 1 (I actually have another clear wax lip liner, but since that one is utilitarian I didn’t count it in)

Liquid lipstick: 6 (2 matte ones and 4 normal liquid ones)

Lipsticks: 20 (Soon to be 19!!!!)

Eyeshadows: 225. Urrrrrgh. My decision to count each individual pan as 1 shadow may not have been a good one….


Singles pots: 11

Sticks: 3

Duos: 2

4-pan palettes: 6

5 pan palettes: 1

(NOT PICTURED) 6 pan palettes: 1 (My Naked Basic)

Depotted: 10

12 pan palettes: 12 (including the one I depotted)

Mega Palette: 1

Holy fuck! That’s a shitload of eyeshadows! I don’t even use eyeshadows everyday! Most of my palettes are secondhand though, and cheap. I like the Sleek shadows because they are very colourful and cheap and usually decent, so I don’t need to buy other expensive fancy colourful shadows.

Still, there are some eyeshadows that I don’t plan on trying to pan. I don’t mind keeping them forever. My Chanel Nymphea is a good example *hearts* It has actually seen some usage….


Taking this inventory has been eye opening (and somewhat horrifying.) I will definitely be working on some of my products and hopefully will be slowly panning some stuff (especially the shadows…)


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