Starting Project Pan

EDIT: Added in some little rewards for finishing certain batches of products to incentivize this project!

Subconsciously, I have been doing Project Pan for awhile (see: project trying to pan.) But I want to make it more official.

General notes about cosmetics: I feel that us, people who love cosmetics and buy more than what is necessary, can waste a lot of product. I’m sure you have seen people with giant collections of lip balms or hand creams or moisturizers or something. There is no way you can finish all those things before it goes bad.

Of course, I have to admit that some things I will keep forever for sentimental value. My Giorgio Armani ETK eyeshadows, for one. The pots are huge anyway so no one’s going to finish it. When it turns 5 or 6+ years old though, I might not want to use them anymore.

I am going on a trip on Wednesday for 2 weeks, so I will definitely be using all these products (since limited choice during trips = MOAR product usage!) Hopefully I will be making some steady progress towards finishing these items, some on the trip and some shortly afterwards:


  1. Lancome Genefique Yeux eye cream sachets x 3 (~1 week supply, knowing me I’ll make it last the whole of 2 weeks)
  2. Lancome Genefique serum sachets x 7 (~1 week supply, I’ll probably also use it for 2)
  3. Vaseline Healthy White SPF30 PA+++ Serum: I use this as body sunscreen. This is a travel tube and there’s not much left. Although it’s autumn and I’m wearing long sleeves most of the time, I’m not sure how much use I can get out of it.
  4. Diorsnow UV cream: Facial sunscreen. Was used by my mum in law, and she contributed it and a whole lot of other sample bits to me. I don’t like this very much, it feels rather drying. Luckily it’s a small tube, only 30ml and around half used. I hope to finish this up after I get back.
  5. Etude House Real Art cleansing oil: sample bits and bobs contributed by my mum in law. This is actually included in the Great Eastern Women’s Run goodie bag. There were lots of women products, beauty and cosmetic products included, it’s quite cool. I will be using it as a cleansing oil/make up remover(obviously.)
  6. Etude House Moistfull peeling face wash: My second cleanse after make up removing.

Reward for using up skincare products: I have a huge surplus of skincare (I seem to go through stuff so slowly it’s crazy) so I won’t be buying more.

Okay, basically I aim to use up all these little samples that I have been hoarding specifically for the purposes of this trip.


Sorry for the blurry photo. Here we have make up products.

7. Cyber Colours Zero Pore Primer: This is my only primer. It’s a decent, nice primer, but I’ve had it awhile and I want to use it up. It will take awhile though, there’s quite a lot. Actually I don’t know why I included it in the photo because if I use up this primer I definitely have to buy more.

8. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua: mentioned this in my previous trying to pan post. IT IS BOTTOMLESS. I am so pissed. I stopped using it the past few weeks so that I wouldn’t run out of foundation halfway during the trip, but once I go on the trip I will be using nothing but this. Hope to finish it by the end of the trip.

9. The Body Shop Lip and Cheek stain in 02: also in the original post. It smells kinda funny, but it still works and doesn’t irritate my cheeks. I wouldn’t use it on my lips though, I do have limits… I have been using this everyday for the past few months and I do see it decreasing. Luckily it’s a blush that goes with almost everything. It also has gold shimmer which means I usually don’t use a highlighter (sadly.)


10. My custom mix of lipstick in a pot: I like it but I’m sick of it since I’ve been using this FOREVER. I hope to come close to finishing it in 2 weeks.


11. Life’s Entropy liquid illuminator sample in… I don’t know which colour it is. I hope to use it up as my only highlighter during the trip.

12. Ellis Faas Hot lips in L406. I feel that the colour isn’t the most flattering it could be for me, and the showerhead-of-doom-in-bullet packaging was really intriguing at the start but quickly descended into a messy nightmare. Recently I thought it was running out as the pigment didn’t seem to dispense much anymore, only some oils with a little pigment, even after quite a few clicks. I closed the cap after that and BOOM the next day tons of pigment oozed out. Fuck me, I’m basically forced to use it up now.


(That itty bitty bit is enough for 4-5 applications. I have to use a lip brush so that I don’t smear far too much product onto my lips.)

Reward: If I use up all these products excluding the face primer (2 lip products! How long will that take to happen….) I will treat myself to a repurchase of NARS Dragon Girl (yippee!!!!)


Eye products!

13: Maybelline Pen Gel liner: I’m not sure how much is left because I’ve had this for a few years and used it a lot but it’s like neverending. I haven’t been drawing black liner for awhile, so I’ll probably do it a few times in China and try to use it up.

14. Random eyebrow pencil: I am down to a tiny nub and I am determined to finish it before the end of the year.

Reward: I need to replace black gel liner when mine finishes, so I will treat myself to an Inglot AMC gel liner in black when I’m done with the gel and brow pencil.

15. Kiko Cream eyeshadow (the bouncy, LE kind) it has shrunk significantly in the past few months, so I want to use it up ASAP but come on, I think it will take me a long while. Still, I plan to start using it regularly. It’s gorgeous and just the right amount of shimmery and glittery so it can be used for a single wash of colour as well as for liner.

16. – 18. My DIY palette, hahaha. The casing is actually an old name card case. I used double sided tape to secure all the pans. The ones on the right (NYX Taupe, weird colours) were from palettes that had their packaging broken anyway, while the left ones are Make up Academy Heaven and Earth palette (full of shimmery neutrals.) I didn’t have to depot it but I felt like depotting it since I wasn’t very attached to it. I don’t plan on panning every single shadow, obviously, but I hope to pan the frosty white and the olive green on the funky colours palette, and I will probably pick one pan of the round pans to work on.

Reward: Holy cow, panning eyeshadow will be crazy tough. I deserve something AMAZING. I will go grab myself some pressed indie shadows (thinking of Blackbird cosmetics or Glamour Doll Eyes, if the pressed shadows come back) only when I finish these!

So that’s 18 items in my first project pan. Some I have been using dutifully already, some I have yet to work on. Check back in a couple of weeks!

Ps. I will probably be taking a makeup inventory too and showing you EVERY SINGLE MAKE UP ITEM I own. If I count each pan of shadow as 1 eyeshadow, how many do I have? *shudder* I think like 100++.


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