The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes 23 The Purples

This was one of my very first eyeshadow palettes, EVAR, when I was just learning how to apply make up.

TBS is not well known for make up. In fact I feel like the brand is a bit lackluster recently, and their sales might not be so good. There’s little hype about their products and they tend to be overpriced. Think Lush, but not as trendy.

Anyway the shimmer cubes are one of their eye palettes. I have quite a few, but today I want to talk about 23, which I have termed the purples.


Each cube has 3.5g of product, which is A SHIT LOAD OF PRODUCT. Each cube is like a full pan of MAC, or more. The cubes are all individually packed, which some people hate but I personally like. It makes it such that it’s easy to build your own custom palette if you have several palettes, and it’s easy to transport just one or two colours around.


Here are the swatches on my arm. There is: an off white, a very pale pink (looks white on my lids) a warm plummy shade and a purple. All of them are very shimmery, and the lighter colours are pretty frosty (they’re shimmer cubes after all.)

I personally only dislike the pink. It’s way too frosty and it’s too pale to register as anything but another white on my lids. Otherwise, I think the palette colour scheme is actually quite good. The white is slightly warm and offwhite, and the plummy shade iss actually gorgeous and slightly warm. All of them are seriously shimmery though, which is not always good.

Now, another issue I have with these cubes: They are quite sheer, unless applied with a finger (like how I swatched it.) With a brush they are more shimmer than colour. With fingers, they are better, so that’s how I usually apply them. You can also use them wet, with much better colour pay off. I believe these are baked, which means they’re kind of hard and you have to press your finger down more than usual, but these are actually quite buttery and smooth. I don’t shy away from applying eyeshadow with fingers, but if you mind, stay far away.

In the below look, I had to get a matte crease shade from elsewhere, or you’ll risk looking like an old person from the 90s.


(see my lips? This is already 80% recovered. Think about how it looked like 4 days ago. ZOOOOOMBIE.)

20151020_130131 20151020_130146

I only used the pink, white, and the warmer plum, since I didn’t want too cool of an eye look. I also lined with just a little bit of my depotted mascara since I was going out only for a bit and didn’t want too fancy a look. My base is also not perfect because I just used a bit of powder foundation.

I would say the white is a bit too frosty to use as a browbone highlight, and unless you’re going for the super shimmer look, you’ll still need to reach for a matte colour. Otherwise, I’m actually quite pleased.

These shimmer cubes are not perfect by any means, but they’re workable, and TBS is having a sale right now. These have been around awhile and I believe they’re not selling as well as TBS thought they would be. If you can find some up for cheap, they’re actually quite nice, but I definitely wouldn’t pay full price for them.


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