Horrendous allergic reaction

Holy crap, i got the first allergic reaction in my life.

2 days ago i used a sheet mask i had that was lying around. I didnt take note of the brand but i believe it was around 1 year old ie Not Particularly Old. I have used 3 year old my beauty diary masks with no issue.

I applied the mask as usual, then went to sleep with the remainig serum still on my skin. No difference so far. I even depotted the essence into a bottle like I always do.

But since yesterday after i woke up i have been suffering from a severe rash on most of my face and neck. It doesn’t look too bad: my face is puffier and less smooth but if you didn’t know how i looked like before you wouldnt think i was severely deformed. But if you did know me, then yeah, you can totally see the angry red inflamed areas and the flaky rashes. Even my eyelids have puffed up.


It also itches like I have never itched before. KILL ME.

I have been getting SOME measure of relief by slathering on some kind of vitamin C gel provided by my mum in law: i think it helps alleviate the inflammatory response. I also used Vaseline as a skin protectant. I think aloe vera gel would also help but i dont know where my tub went.

Its day 2 of my extreme reaction and i sincerely hope it stops soon. I completely did not expect this and my skin is very tough so something in there made it freak the fuck out.


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