My Christmas Wishlist

I haven’t bought anything for MONTHS. I haven’t acquired any new make up (and actually sold a bit) and I haven’t bought a single new piece of clothing for the WHOLE YEAR.

So it’s getting close to the holidays and I feel like maybeeeeee I should treat myself a little bit.

  1. Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Neiges


I have a lot of contempt for Guerlain. Overpriced luxury make up is really not my thing anymore. But this is SERIOUSLY the first meteorites I am seriously, seriously considering buying. I’ve even called the counter up to find out when it will be released. It apparently costs $112 SGD, which is actually CHEAPER than the US price at the current exchange rate.

If I do get this, I will absolutely baby it. I will keep it in a box until I move overseas (probably) and get a better vanity and I will proudly display it on my vanity and I will make sure NOTHING ever hurts it.

But $112 SGD is a shitload of money to spend on one product. (FYI I usually spend less than $10 per item.)

2. Roger Vivier flats

I have not bought clothes for 2015, up till now. Amazing, right?

There’s this really great deal I saw online. Someone is selling their used (but looks in good condition) Roger Vivier shoes for $200. That’s INSANE. A new pair costs like $800. I absolutely adore RV and this design is a more uncommon one (my other 2 pairs are all the boring classic one.)

I’m SO torn.

3. NARS Dragon Girl

My favourite lipstick ever.

(swatches from temptalia because I never got around to swatching mine, what the fuck.)

After losing my beloved NARS Dragon Girl I was seriously distraught. It’s an amazing red, almost neon and glowing and bright. I love my reds bright, not all sultry like. The pencil is not my favourite format and there’s precious little product in it, but I did applied it on half a dozen occasions and never actually had to sharpen it yet. I like the formula: it’s not opaque on one swipe, but the colour is easily built up to its full intensity in a couple of passes. There’s no streaking or anything, and the texture seems to be very thin and clinging close onto the lips with a slight satin sheen, so different from those opaque creamy lipsticks. If I could only have ONE red lipstick in my life, I would happily throw away the rest in favour of NARS Dragon Girl. (But I can keep Clique, it’s orange, not red, right?)

I am not hard-up, my family is quite well off and I can afford to buy some nice things once in awhile but erm, I am not sure whether I will bite the bullet because they’re not really necessary, but still….


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