Tony Moly Backstage Gel Liner Latte Brown

I’ve liked brown liner since school days. Brown liner is not as harsh as black, and it looks quasi-natural. If it smudges, it sort of blends in with my skintone while still providing definition to my eyes. It’s perfect for very natural makeup looks.

I like the Tony Moly Backstage gel liner, so I bought it in a few different colours. Unfortunately, my initial one, black, has gone missing. My other 2 are choco brown and latte brown.

As you can see from the picture, Choco Brown is a warm dark brown. It also has glitter/shimmer in it, although if using as liner it’s not too obvious. Latte brown is a cool greyish brown, and is matte.

Overall, my thoughts on the formula:

All three have slightly different formulas. The Black was the most gel-like, rather than cream. It has a thinner consistency. The Choco Brown is very, very smooth and creamy. I guess it’s like how brands can make shimmery eyeshadows better than mattes. It’s definitely creamy rather than gel. Latte Brown was unfortunately the liner to dry out the fastest, although it’s still usable now. I’ve had to drop a few drops of eyedrops onto it though. It’s kind of in between a cream and gel texture.

These liners are very cheap [buy for ~$9.50 here, affiliate], and come complete with a cap that holds a liner brush, and a brush. The brush is serviceable, and although not the best, I still use it regularly. It is a little bit thick for very precise lining. It used to be retractable to become shorter, although they have removed this feature and made it longer permanently, so the new product is significantly taller.

Performance wise, this is okay. Not brilliantly amazing, but good. It’s not 100% oil proof, because I do find some smudges at the end of the day on bare lids, especially the tail ends of the liner. With a primer and eyeshadow underneath, it is quite budgeproof. It is, however, definitely waterproof.

20150922_133141 20150922_133148

This is Latte Brown on my eyes. In all honesty, I couldn’t find much info on the different kinds of browns that Tony Moly offers, so I just blindly bought 2 that I liked the sound of (so you can tell I like chocolate, and latte…)

Latte Brown is a little cool toned and too light for me. It works well on it’s own, but I can’t wear it with eyeshadow because it is not dark enough. It also looks more stark on my skin than its warmer counterpart Choco Brown since I am very warm.

After I had to revive my liner with some eyedrops, it works fine. It does seem that this matte gel texture dries out the fastest of all my Tony Moly Liners. Choco Brown is the creamiest and the best up till now.

Overall, I love brown liners, although I won’t say this is my favourite brown liner. It’s subtle but not the right shade I want, although the grey-brown is unique. It’s performance is not spectacular but acceptable.

I would not repurchase this mainly because have you seen how much gel liner there are in pots? It’s insane, I don’t think anyone can finish it in 5 years unless they do huge cat eyes every day. I’ll probably be bored and move onto better stuff by the time I’m done with it.


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