How to protect your skin in times of bad climate

In Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia, we are dealing with some severe haze.


This is the view from my living room, although the photo looks MUCH better than the real thing. Here is an image from a news site:

Scary shit right?

It has been affecting me quite a bit, surprisingly. I have reiterated time and again that my skin is like rhino hide, and I have once accidentally applied nail polish to my eyes as I thought it was makeup remover and I’m still alive yo (and my eyes are fine.)

But recently my skin has become really, really dry. Not my whole body, but my feet and my hands have been really, really dry to the point that it can hurt. For awhile I actually applied hand cream quite regularly.

My facial skin has also been drying out. It’s a bit more sensitive (like it itches a bit when I apply Armani Maestro foundation, which has a high alcohol content, which has never happened before.) and I find that if I go completely skincare-less in the day, it’s actually rather irritating to my skin so I’ve also been reapplying moisturizer quite regularly in a bid to save myself agony.

I find that a barrier on top of the skin really helps. To combat the effects of the haze on your skin, apply a LOT of moisturizer. Occlusive ones work the best, like Vaseline. Use as much body and hand creams you need. The more you protect your skin from the haze, the better you will feel.

It’s amazing how all these environmental factors can affect our health. Nobody really has a way of dealing with the haze, so I just hope that it goes away soon. If it doesn’t by the end of this month, I’m leaving for a small town in China that would definitely have less pollution.

All the more reason for me to get out of Singapore!


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