I realize that I have a very obsessive yet short attention span. My hobbies wax and wane in waves. For example, I have not bought a single make up item since like, August or something (I was too horrified by my indulgent Life’s Entropy and Colorpop splurge) and I am completely 100% okay, I don’t even have lemmings.

I’m also very obsessed with Marvel Future Fight right now and I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY. I mean, I like Marvel, comics/graphic novels and the Avengers, but I wouldn’t call myself particularly a fan. (But I’m a huge fan of Chris Evans. And Chris Pratt. But not Chris Hemsworth.) I also like gaming but mobile games generally are a once in awhile thing, not this level of obsessiveness.

So yes, anyway, my interest right now being with MFF, I have not been very make-up focused lately. Some nights I didn’t even bother with skincare, lol.

I am not really going on a hiatus: I like talking nonsense about my interests, but there might be more sporadic posting from now on, or until I figure out some way to reinvent my make-up life. Consider this a rut of some kind.


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