Indie Make up Rabbit Hole


I have fallen down the rabbit hole of Indie Make up. SAVE ME!

I only started really getting into cosmetics some time early last year, when being pregnant was absolutely boring. Prior to that I bought make up like a normal person, so I basically had only 1 of each product type. Anyway, it took me close to 1.5 years of make up obsession to finally get into indie make up.

I guess I’m having mainstream makeup fatigue. At this point, I’ve basically seen every colour of eyeshadow possible. I also own close to every major shade of lip colour possible. I don’t collect make up for collecting’s sake, but to use them, so I really need my make up to be functional. Right now I’m all for duochromes, innovation and COOL THANGZ. That’s why I keep experimenting with the make up I have, from mashing lip colours together, finding ways to use my bad liquid liner, and reusing my exploded mascara.

Indie make up manages to fill this niche.

I have a few complaints about indies however:

  1. TAT for indie can be annoying. I WANT MY PRETTYZ AND I WANT IT NOW!
  2. International shipping is usually on the expensive side, at ~$8 USD.
  3. Most things are loose powders. I HATE loose powders. I might buy a pressing kit just to press everything. Or maybe just get used to loose powders, lol.
  4. If you don’t realize it, a lot of indie companies put out the same few products. Some of them have cool names and themes, but if you look beyond that (which is actually just marketing) they’re just loose eyeshadows and blushes and sometimes weird lipstick colours. That’s why I was so happy with Life’s Entropy for making something really cool ie LIP THEORIES!

Some picks from a very discerning and fussy consumer:

  • Fyrinnae’s lip lustres seem cool. Some colours like Sexy Nerd are also really awesome. Of course they have some cult eyeshadow colours like Worksafe Blue and Rapunzel Had Extensions. I wish they were still selling their pressed shadows though *sadface* I will also probably grab their pixie epoxy.
  • Meow Cosmetics fascinate me because I absolutely detest loose powder/mineral foundation. I mean how can loose powder be full coverage?! But reviews online have convinced me and I’m totally for the billions of undertones. Will definitely be buying some samples and getting my colour match.

I also like Shiro’s geekery very much, and I love the Avengers, but yknow, bright… purple…. eyeshadow? I just don’t use bright blue/green/purple eyeshadow that much, you know?


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