Recent Empties

I has EMPTIES!!!

1. Za Dark Circles Gone (free event gift)

These came in a pack of 4 or something, and for some reason I hoarded the last one until recently. So I finally finished my last pack up. I don’t believe any product can get rid of dark eye circles, so whatever. At least they felt nice and squishy.

2. The Body Shop Vitamin C microdermabrasion

One of the old school so harsh it hurts face scrubs. I repurposed it as a neck and hands scrub, and it worked great for that. It also works great for around my ankles where I seem to accumulate dead skin. It’s seriously harsh. No repurchase ever.

3. Boots Keep It Sweet Vanilla Smoothie Shower Scrub

To be very frank this is terrible as a scrub, it’s simply not very scrubby. It is very rich and moisturizing though, and it rinses off very clean, no residue. I love this because of the DIVINE vanilla scent, and the very budget pricing (I believe you can usually get this for something like $10 SGD for 2 in Boots in Thailand.) I have many bottles of the same scent shower gel left, but I think I might repurchase this when I’m back in Bangkok.


4. Dr Morita Moisturizing Essence Facial Mask (sheet mask)

I bought this way back in Taiwan in…… 2012. Like what the fuck am I doing, right? What’s so difficult about putting a sheet mask on your face?!

This comes with a LOT of extra essence, which I pour into a small bottle with a dropper. I used the extra for like 2 weeks after that, day and night. It has a very mild fragrance, and sinks into the skin easily, which is why it was great to use it as an essence/lotion first step, it is hydrating yet is absorbed super fast. I like it, but seeing how long I take to finish sheet masks, I won’t be buying more anytime soon. (I got a pack from some other brand of 6 for 10HKD (around $2 SGD) at some special sale in Hong Kong, so that will probably last me a year.)

So that’s about it. I’m very, very happy to finish up stuff. I would love to finish my make up but I don’t know why it takes SO LONG. My SANA Pore Putty primer is on its VERY last legs but just won’t quit dispensing, and my Chanel Vitalumiere is still going strong after I spent more than a YEAR trying to use the fucking thing up.


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