FOTD: Glossy Red Lips

Found this FOTD in my photos folder.

I’m not in love with this look, but it’s pretty experimental.

Photo 1-9-15 10 22 46 am Photo 1-9-15 10 23 24 am

The red lips should be L’oreal’s Shine Caresse in Juliette.

I love this formula, and the colour is good too. It’s not one that I reach for very often, since I can’t wear red every single day, but it’s pretty for sure. It’s a warm-toned red, that’s warm enough to look warm, but not orange enough to look like an orange lipstick, which is what a lot of warm red lipsticks tend to do on me. There are gold shimmers in the tube, but I can’t really see them on my lips.

I’m not so sure about the orange red liner though, does it look like an eye infection?


4 thoughts on “FOTD: Glossy Red Lips

      1. M

        must say you’re pretty bold with your makeup! I can’t decide what funky colors like purple (or in your case, orange) are any good for – ‘cept for halloween. Do you have any outrageous make up looks?


      2. If you read my about, I don’t do super outrageous looks, my maximum is treading the line between socially acceptable and outrageous. xD this is already one of the bolder looks I do. Purple is still okay, it’s this orange liner I’m trying to decide what I can use for.


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