New Kiko Midnight Siren Collection picks!

DISCLAIMER: Once again, I am still 6000 miles away from the nearest Kiko store. These are simply the items that get me excited, since Kiko generally has very good products even across their limited editions (giving you the side-eye, MAC…) and the whole range is very affordable for the quality.

Although Kiko releases LE collections on the regular, they still have a very large core collection. If you don’t find this collection very exciting I’m sure something in the main line will catch your eye!

Even though the concept of this collection was not as exciting to me as Rebel Romance (STEAMPUNK 4EVA) the actual products are, IMO, better.

The concept of midnight siren is ‘shine after dark’, which makes it sound like a party-esque collection. Since I don’t party, that’s not so applicable to me, but the description of Petroleum blue, emerald green and opalescent silver contrast with the delicate sheen of mother-of-pearl. OMG mother of pearl gets me every time! I love iridescent shimmering fancy effect makeupz. Also, the model is HOT! She looks like a slightly less Chinese version of Olga Kurylenko (I always thought she looked just a little bit Chinese.)

Now, my picks:

Cream Radiance Highlighter:

OMG the packaging is TO DIE FOR. Like can you imagine this amazing thing costs EUR11 ?!?! Looks like something Estee Lauder would be trying to do for their super high end lines. The product is a cream/gel-to-powder highlighter, unfortunately only in 2 relatively boring shades (which is the only bad thing I have to say about Kiko’s highlighters: the really small shade selection.) I have their normal stick highlighter and it’s in a really light gel texture that I love, so I hope this will be as good. It definitely looks a million times prettier though.

Moon Shadow Water Infused Eyeshadow:

Kiko’s cream shadow sticks are one of the best in the market for the price. I own 2 in the normal line and they are FANTASTIC. They really stay put all day, are creamy and easy to blend, and last well. At EUR 8 for this limited edition version, it’s a total steal, when Laura Mercier’s are USD$28 each. The plum and chocolate look great. The turquoise is also really pretty, although I’m sure we get less use out of turquoise than brown and purple. The gold, although not really up my alley, looks great too. As with all stick eyeshadows they are super easy and brainless to use, you can use a finger also I use a fluffy brush to blend it out. It’s my go-to for a hardcore, long-wearing crease colour.

Matte Muse Lipstick:

Aaaaand Kiko has dediced to do matte liquid lipsticks! According to the description they dry down, but are transfer resistant, not transfer proof. Apart from the gorgeous packaging, I don’t think there’s anything that can be said that hasn’t been said already about matte liquid lipsticks, BUT the reason I selected this was for THAT AMAZING RED. Like LOOK AT THE EYE-SEARINGNESS OF IT! This is what I hoped every brand would do: make a BRIGHT FUCKING RED (it’s called GAUDY red woohoo I’m a gaudy whore!!) instead of those boooooring dark glam siren reds.

This is a really exciting collection! I’m not sure if I’ll get to buy any Kiko this year but I absolutely love this collection, plus the model’s eye look in the campaign pic is to die for. 🙂


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