Nails dump

I am not big on nails, you hardly see me mention nails like ever. My nails are almost always painted, especially now when I need pretty hands for jewellery and the like, but I am the opposite of an addict.

I also don’t paint my polishes very nicely, because I’m human, I can’t sit still, and I type a lot, and peel my lips a lot, etc.

All my polishes are cheap, random brands. I’m much too cheap to spend on name brands like OPI, etc. My couple of OPI shades were minis and like $2 each. I find that many random brand polishes can be very nice.

I own nudes/near nudes in a few different shades (lilac, champagne, pale pink, grey, etc) that I use the most. These are shades that look ‘neutral’ enough to let me wear the hell out of them, have huge chips in them and still look vaguely passable. I love my nude shades, they let me be the lazy fuck I am.

Catrice Lilactric in the picture.

I have a few shades in non-nude colours, like Tiffany Blue, red, and other generally more muted and tasteful colours.

I used to love glitter nail polish, but it is a bitch to remove, and I’ve grown up. Some of the more tasteful, smaller glitter or shimmer-and-glitter polishes I still use, but I’ve stopped using those with huge glitter bits. I’ve just discovered how to do a sandwich mani of sorts, which allows me to play with my glitter polishes a little bit.

That’s all the nail pics I’ve took for now. I actually quite like this, I’ll probably take more nail pics in the future until I exhaust my nail polish collection (which is like 10 bottles and maybe 6 minis, a comparatively small stash.) I also don’t buy new nail polish.


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