What you can use Exploded Mascara for: Part 2

In my previous post I talked about how my Covergirl Clump Crusher (which I didn’t use anymore thanks to finding my new HG mascara, anyway) exploded on me. I scooped out all the product inside and was trying to find new uses for it.

  1. Eyebrow mascara

Mascara is mascara right? Whether it’s for your eyebrow or for your lashes. I have been managing to use it quite successfully as an eyebrow mascara. I find that I do not need any other eyebrow product for this to work. You just need a very small amount: using too much just makes the whole thing very messy and can make your eyebrows look overly thick.

I draw a line of mascara on my brow, using my brow brush (or even eyeliner brush, doesn’t matter) and quickly blend it out using a spoolie. It would be easier if well, it was packaged more like a brow mascara, but nothing I can do about that.

I don’t need to worry about contamination since this is going onto my brows and nowhere near my eyes. It also dries quick, is reasonably budge proof, and waterproof. Sad thing is that my Life’s entropy brow theories seem like they will be going unused for awhile 😦

2. Eyeliner

I’ve explored the mascara as eyeliner option before.

In my opinion, mascara is extremely runny to use as eyeliner. This is easy for application (halfway between gel and liquid) but it also does not give you the opaque blackness of gel liners. That’s fine for me, since I feel that really black liner can look harsh for an everyday look. Since it’s so runny it also goes on in a much thinner line than gel liners, somehow.

I use my Real Techniques fine liner brush.

It has some contamination issues (since it’s close to the eyes) but I think since it’s not going near the inside of the eye it should not be too bad. It dries fast, although it is not fully waterproof. It is reasonably smudge proof, but I think it will flake off if you rub your eyes.


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