How I store my make up: What’s in my Vanity

I am very frugal and I hate wasting money on fancy, pretty things. My make up storage and vanity totally reflects my sensibilities:

I have a small vanity squeezed beside the wardrobe. It’s not too pretty but very functional, with shelves behind a sliding mirror and 4 large drawers.

Photo 19-8-15 11 24 22 am

Behind the sliding mirror. Top shelf is all the skin care products. I don’t have too much stuff, and I’m desperately trying to use stuff up.

2nd shelf is essential/fragrance oils of various kinds, and also where I put sheet masks. I need to figure out a way to use all those essential oils, damn.

3rd shelf is deodorant, eyedrops, scar gel, and hoarded body lotions from hotels.

Bottom shelf are all the huge bottles. Mainly body sunscreen, and my fragrances.

Photo 19-8-15 11 24 53 am

Sitting on top of my vanity is a box that came with a 24-can purchase of Fancy Feast. It’s great for storing make up. It’s quite pretty and sturdy to boot. I use random food glass jars and old cups for holding my brushes. Since it’s on top of my vanity it’s what I reach for the most often. I try to cycle the things in this box, or put the products I want to use up quickly.

Leftmost are base products and tools. 2nd column is for lip products that I am trying to reach for more often and also my balms. 3rd column is for face products, like blush, highlighter, contour, and their assorted tools. 4th column is for eye products. 5th column is holding my eye brushes and some liners and stuff, and random tools: extractor, blotting sheets, tissue packs, nail clippers, etc. I like my organization.

Photo 19-8-15 11 24 59 am

Now for what’s actually in my drawers! This is the top most drawer. I have this tray that you’re supposed to put in your kitchen drawer to organize cutlery, to organize my make up. you can see some powders in the front row, then a smattering of empty containers (I reuse almost all my empty cosmetic jars/whatever, then some base products, then all my lip products. Outside the tray, I have my jar of liners in the right front corner, and empty cosmetic pouches. This drawer is basically base+ lip + liner hoard.

Photo 19-8-15 11 25 11 am Photo 19-8-15 11 25 20 am Photo 19-8-15 11 25 31 am

Next up is the second drawer, which contains all my eyeshadows and cheek products. Most of my eye palettes, both large and small, sit in this green basket. In front of that are mainly my cheek products and my singles. To its left, I have white tray that was supposed to be for TV remotes, to hold tools like nose strips, cotton pads, q tips, etc.

I also hoard back ups here, like of my favourite sunscreen (still in boxes) and a huge bottle of alcohol, and Vaseline, and my back up mascaras. The takeaway box actually foreign currency loose change, not beauty related 🙂

Photo 19-8-15 11 25 41 am

The last drawer actually holds all of my husband’s fragrances. GOD he has so many, I can just barely squeeze them all in.

So that’s it! Hope you enjoyed it!


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