Mentholatum watercolor lipstick review

Long overdue! I’ve been mentioning these products sooo often without a proper review.

These are the best, cheapest sheer lipsticks you can buy, period. They aren’t even that sheer, and apply with a definite colour. They’re like translucent but pigmented.

The range has been updated. Now I believe there’s a ‘think pink’ in the name as all the shades are named pink, even if they’re not. There are 6 shades compared to the old 4. Kissy pink has made it into the new range, because apparently it was the most popular colour.

I used to have three, vintage pink, Kissy pink and dancing pink. I lost vintage pink less than a week after purchase, which was a tragedy. They come in both shine and glitter finishes, which I did not know until I opened the glitter one. I’m not big on glitter in general. These are very moisturizing and seriously comfortable, very light on the lips.

I noticed that my Kissy Pink bullet is super soft, while the very tip of Dancing Pink when I received it new was rather hard and did not give much payoff for awhile. I think it’s those lipsticks that are less pigmented at the top and gets better as you use it. 🙂

Photo 20-8-15 12 39 17 pm
L-R Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake (for comparison), Dancing Pink, Kissy Pink. All one pass each. My Kissy Pink bullet is a little messy from frequent use, so a lot more colour is deposited than one single pass.

Kissy pink was no doubt the best of all 3 by far. It’s soft like buttah, and distributes pigments for an LED effect. No matter how bad my lip lines/scabs/flakes are, I know that Kissy pink will make them look and feel better. Due to the transparency in its base, it doesn’t add texture to lips as well.

The orange/coral/pink colour is a super shapeshifter. In one light coat, it’s a sheer orange coral. In multiple coats, or with reapplication, the intensity builds up to nuclear levels. I mean look at the swatch!!! Holy crap, is that supposed to be sheer?! I was really shocked one day to find that it was neon, just from a couple of reapplications. It becomes a definite orange, but it has a pink base. It’s really hard to describe, but think of it as a built in Korean ombré lips trend. It’s not so clashing that it looks like you did it on purpose, it’s simply just neon.

I highly recommend this colour, but make sure you know what you’re getting into!!

Vintage pink (no pictures obviously) had the same buttery consistency, but the pigment was different. It looked like a traditional lipstick: the colour would sit on top of my lips, and hence catch onto flakes sometimes. Not as flattering or as awesome neon, definitely. It was also not particularly sheer. It’s a muted rosy pink, but not super pink. Suitable for most complexions. It also has a transparent base but surprising lot of pigment, the colour is very obvious.

Dancing pink has to be my least favourite, no thanks to the glitter. It’s still moisturizing but can be gritty as it wears away. Since I eat and drink a lot I tend to find stray glitter on my jaw with most glitter lip products and this is no different. Compared to Strawberry Shortcake above, it is slightly sheerer and less cool toned, which makes it much more wearable, although they are quite similar in colour. Strawberry Shortcake is one of the more opaque Lip Butters.

Overall these are very cheap and superb quality for the price, although I haven’t seen them in Singapore yet. I think you can get them for around $5-$8 SGD in Malaysia or Hongkong. There are a few people selling these secondhand online as well. These tinted balm/sheer lipsticks/whatever they’re meant to be make me SUPER HAPPY, especially Kissy Pink

Photo 19-8-15 2 13 30 pm Photo 19-8-15 2 08 50 pm

Kissy Pink on super dry and horrendous lips.

I have around 1/4 of Kissy Pink left, and I’m definitely buying a new one when I run out.


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