August Favourites

Omg this is so late since I totally forgot about this post.

  1. Life’s Entropy Lip Theory in Catalyst:

Photo 21-8-15 3 03 42 pm

I FEEL PRETTY, I’M SO PRETTY, I’M HAPPY, AND PRETTY, AND GAY! This is the ‘nude’ I’ve been looking for my ENTIRE LIFE I SWEAR. Very verbose review on lip theories and my favourite colour ever catalyst here.

2. Non-make up related, but Lana del Rey’s High by the Beach. I WORSHIP Lana del Rey. The video is kinda campy, and I’m totally not for getting high, but I LOVE this song. New album has been released, GIMME GIMME. Her falsies are always FIERCE too.

3. Benzac AC 5

(Disclaimer: my tube is a free consumer sample.) I had a hugeass stye aka pimple on eyelid. I am actually quite prone to getting these: I’ve had at least 10 that I can remember over the course of my teenage years, and 3 within a couple of months only a few years ago. I’m not sure why I get these comparatively often when I don’t have much acne at all. I’m quite sure my eye hygiene is not significantly worse than other people. Anyway, it hurt like hell, and I have no way of dealing with it, so I decided to risk it by applying Benzac on my eyelid very sparingly. It made it feel better almost immediately and did not irritate my eyes, dry out my skin or travel from where I applied it, and my stye was gone in 3 days.) I also use this as an emergency pimple saver. It’s not a very exciting product I’m bumping it up to favourites because of what it did for my stye. It dries transparent and it isn’t irritating/drying to my (admittedly, rhino-hide tough) skin, so it’s definitely better than the BPs of my youth.

4. Colourpop Monster Highlighter

Technically a ‘pearlized Super Shock Cheek.’ I love it, it has great lasting power and can be built up to a crazy sheen. It’s also reasonably cheap. Colourpop is not my favourite company but these are good.

5. Alcina Bronzer/ Sun Kiss Powder in Light (I think)

A BRONZER? IN MY FAVOURITES LIST? It’s not too orange (see my review here) and I’m so yellow it doesn’t really matter. Of course it’s not a believable coutour in the true sense of contouring. I used it when I brought my kiddy to the zoo and needed a light-makeup look that would still look good after melting off in the heat and humidity. In addition to my liquid-shadow I also used this bronzer. Now I kinda get why people use bronzer if they’re going to be outdoors all day. It’s a nice look and a really great formula but I’m still not going to use it everyday.


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