Project trying-to Pan

Here are the stuff I’ve been trying to use for some time, what feels like forever.

Linery stuff:

Photo 19-8-15 12 20 33 am

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Pen: I’ve had this for like 2 ++ years and it still hasn’t gone?! A nice formula that holds up well (still smudges occasionally), in a not-so-friendly packaging. The pen is so much more difficult than a brush srzly. After I run out of this I will likely buy a gel liner in a pot, like normal people. Maybe Inglot’s formula, I heard that’s REALLY bulletproof.

Maybelline Colossal Kajal pencil: Really, really smudgy, gawd. Then again, it’s a kajal, which is meant to be rather smudgy. Quite smooth, but doesn’t work that well on eyes. There’s not THAT much left. Been around for 1 year +, and bought from someone, so no telling how old it is actually. Nowadays, I use it as a black base for shadow. It works okay, with minor migration, with primer below and powder shadow on top.


Photo 19-8-15 12 21 37 am

My black brow pencil. I swear this stuff is private-label, because I’ve seen a million different brands (especially Korean) use this exact same packaging. I received it from my mum like, 2++ years ago, and though I draw my brows almost everyday I still have this tiny little nub to go through. It has a spoolie on the other end (not shown) which I find indispensable for blending; when it goes, I may actually have to shell out money for a spoolie. I only use one brow product, why does it last so long?!

Colour make up:

Photo 19-8-15 12 20 59 am

Blush: The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain in 02. A raspberry-esque base wiith some coppery and gold shimmer/glitter. It’s starting to get slightly rank and smelling funny, but I have no skin reactions so I don’t care, but I try to use it up as far as possible. Lasts quite well too. Just remember, use a brush to blend and it won’t be sheer. I got this from someone, so no idea how old, but probably kinda old.

LA Girl eye palette: How the heck am I supposed to pan a blue-green palette?! I bought this around 3 years ago, purely because I wanted some cheap blue shadows to work with. Over a base, these shadows are actually okay – not super great, but they work fine. I want to use it up because it’s a cheap shadow and I don’t want to keep it around but I don’t want to bin it either when its usable. But when you hit me with so many blues, they all look the same to me and I have no idea which blue to use for the day. The colours are really crazy, and I mostly wear them as lower lash liner, or over a black base. The most wearable shade is that medium olive in the middle, and the frosty white highlight.


Photo 19-8-15 12 21 04 am

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B20: WTF, this has been with me for 3 years, and I have used it every single day for the past year or so, and it’s STILL NOT GONE!!! Is it like magic or something?!?! It’s not my favouritest base, because it gets too shiny too fast, and it tends to settle into the sides of my nose. You can see it’s been through a lot….


Photo 19-8-15 12 21 08 am

Salome Facial Moisturizer: Part of a men’s luxe grooming set gifted to the hubby by a friend. It’s a HUGE 95ml bottle (that’s 3 times the size of a standard moisturizer, btw) I’ve also been using it everyday for probably over a year. It’s manufactured in 2011, but I’ve had no skin reactions and it hasn’t separated/smelt funny, so I’m hurriedly trying to finish it up. It has maybe 1/4 left? It’s quite a nice moisturizer, all things considering, except for the intense floral fragrance.

Mt Sapola Lemongrass Hand Cream: If I love Vanilla, I hate lemongrass. HATE, hate hate. (And it’s Mt Sapola’s signature scent! I hate walking past the shop.) This tube was bought by the hubby in 2012, and, true to my nature of hating to toss cosmetics, I’ve been forcing myself to use it. It’s tough though, I’m not big on hand creams and it smells terrible. Maybe it’s good for preventing me from peeling my lips? NEW IDEA.


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