Kiko Rebel Romantic: My Picks

I am approximately 6000 miles from the nearest Kiko store. This is, I repeat, NOT A REVIEW. Just a pick of what I think would be awesome and would totally buy if I had access to a Kiko store.

(Disclaimer: I am a huge Kiko fan. I think they make generally very good products at super affordable prices. More affordable if you’re in Europe than UK, though. I have had very good experience with the vast majority of their products, and their limited edition collections were pretty consistent as well. I constantly binge-buy Kiko when I am in Europe, which is extraordinarily unusual of me.)


Love the promo image and idea!!!!!!! I love steampunk 4eva!

Full item list seen here!

Packaging is absolutely beautiful. Probably not as heavy as luxe items, but certainly looks as luxe as the real luxe brands.

Metallic Shine eyeshadow sounds like a total dupe for Armani’s ETK pots. Creamy powder shadow? Sign me up! They do look slightly monochrome and one-note, no pretty complexity of the Armanis. For the price (approximately 1/3) I can’t really complain, and they may in fact, be more suited for everyday wear, if they last as long. From blog swatches, they look super crazy pigmented. Mysterious Sapphire is a gorgeous navy, slightly purplish blue that looks dark enough to be used as liner semi-inconspicuously, and blue enough to actually well, look blue. The green Sage looks MOTHER GORGEOUS, all the colours in fact look GORGEOUS GORGEOUS.

Glowing Potion perfecting serum: This is something I would like to try in store first. I have never bought Kiko’s skincare products, but this is a make-up skincare hybrid. It supposedly has pearls for a brightening, pearly effect. I super love pearliness to the skin, and this may be worth using for that alone. Skincare wise… meh, it just needs to be reasonably hydrating, that’s it. Since it contains a high level of dimethicone, it probably is a good make up primer as well. It also has titanium dioxide, surprisingly, though it’s not marketed as having SPF. Probably, it’s there to act as a pigment. I’m not big about this, because I don’t want my face any whiter than my body as it already is, but light-medium people probably won’t have a problem with it.

Intensely Lavish Lipstick: To be frank, the colour lineup doesn’t excite me, but then, I have almost every colour of lipstick I want. It IS a fall collection though, so it’s expected that it’s about darker, muted colours, like the deep red and wine, while I prefer my colours bright (especially the reds.) But OMFG the packaging is SO pretty, with the little fan embossed thing on the bullet. If I were at a store, I would probably cave in and get an everyday colour – probably the peony or the mauve, something MLBB. Then again, Kiko is notorious for posting horribly dissimilar swatches online. If the formula is the same as the normal cream lipstick range, it promises to be opaque, creamy, and reasonably moisturizing.

Okay, I think I exercised a lot of restraint in recommending items! Haha. So far, my experience with Kiko has shown me that they do cream shadows, and lip products, and not to mention PACKAGING, exceptionally well at the price point. Some products are just not for me: the contour sticks and bronzer in particular (Have I mentioned I hate bronzers?)


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