Life’s Entropy Lip Theory and Matte Theory review

Here are the lip products from my Life’s Entropy order. I only bought 3 lip products because I really have too many and I don’t want to go crazy. I have dupes for many of the colours in the range and I’m not sold on mixing my own lip colours yet. The ones I bought are shades I do not own.

Photo 20-8-15 9 04 28 am
L-R: Lip Theory in pKa, Catalyst, Matte Theory in Variable.

Variable looks a little worse for the wear because I took a shower with it before I applied the others. It’s not a long wear lip product if it can’t hold through a shower right? 😀

Photo 20-8-15 9 09 20 am

Blotted down the LTs. The MT is not 100% transfer proof, there was minor transfer even after it dried (as you can see on my wrist.) They are labelled as transfer-resistant.

Photo 20-8-15 8 53 53 am Photo 20-8-15 8 54 12 am

Variable on lips. (no other make up on! I applied this even before brushing my teeth, I was sooooo excited.)

Let’s do the Matte Theory first. They are, obviously, long wear liquid lipsticks. They are super super watery, which was a surprise, since my other liquid lipstick and those I’ve seen online are creamy/moussey. The pigment can separate as well, so I suggest shaking it up before application. And don’t tip the tube over accidentally!

When applied, due to the super thin consistency, you probably want 2 coats for evenness. It layers well though, and there will be no balling/flaking/funny things. It also dries reasonably fast. Variable is described as a ‘beige rose’. It’s warm toned rose, hard to describe, kinda ‘burnt’ as well.

All longwear lipsticks are kinda drying, and this was too, although my lips are in a horrible condition now and particularly picky. One thing though is that this did not really emphasize my flakes/patches/scabs, it actually covers and glides over them reasonably well.

I quite like the formula, since transfer is not a dealbreaker for me and it’s quite minimal anyway. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, drank a lot of water and did stuff and it still looked essentially perfect. I’m just not sure about the colour: it looks ok in the photos, but the ‘burntness’ made it look a bit weird IRL. I’ll definitely try to wear it a few more times to love the colour. If not, my next purchase I’ll probably spring for Infinity which looks like a socially appropriate version of Ghoulish. The other colours are a bit dark for my liking, I look undead with super dark lips so I try to stay away from that.

Now onto Lip Theory Liquids! These are the OCC Lip Tar dupes. I apply these with a lip brush although full sizes come with a doe-foot. Apart from the ones I bought, I really love Chaos, but I have at least 2 dupes, Apoptosis, of which I have 1 or 2 dupes too, and Enzyme, which I think is too pale and cool toned to look good on me. I can’t be arsed to mix lip colours for now.

These are liquid lipsticks that don’t really dry down, although they can be blotted lightly to a stain/matte finish. The pigmentation is quite opaque, and it doesn’t settle into flaws. It’s actually quite hydrating, and super lightweight, no film or heavy feeling on lips. It doesn’t bleed or get all over on me either. It’s definitely not transfer proof, but it’s very pigmented and will transfer a ton of pigment but still have a ton of pigment left over, much like my Lip Maestro. These smell exactly like Werther’s toffee candies with a definite slightly-burnt toffee kind of scent. It’s pleasant, although vanilla would have been pleasanter. Still, it was the candy of my childhood, so I’m happy.

Now for the stuff I actually have… Catalyst is GORGEOUS. It’s like the pretty-girl nude I never had. I have no idea why it reads this colour on me, but it’s so PRETTY. And DAINTY. I will totally 100% spring for a full size in my next order, it will totes be my go-to nude. It’s MY COLOUR. It’s described as a ‘light grey beige’ and there is some grey but enough pink to look really pretty and not-dead. I think I can get rid of all my other nude to pink lipsticks now.

Photo 21-8-15 3 03 27 pm Photo 21-8-15 3 03 42 pm Photo 21-8-15 3 03 20 pm


I wore it to eat sushi with the husband, then went for a run. I used a cleanser, and after that I still had lip colour left. That’s how hardcore it is.

And this is pKa (without make up):

Photo 21-8-15 12 11 18 pm Photo 21-8-15 12 11 15 pm

And this is where a minor quibble starts: the lip theories look nothing like the pictures on me. Catalyst looks much pinker and much less grey, although there is a definite grey tone. It’s still okay, not too way off the mark, but pKA doesn’t fare so well. The site shows a gorgeous marsala red that looks like the warmer version of a colour I have quite a couple of dupes of. The actual pKA looks super dark on me, and quite berry-ish. I have to say I’m disappointed, because the colour is wildly different, which is evident in the arm swatch as well where it looks very cool toned.

I didn’t want to buy any dark lip colours since I don’t wear them much, so I was sad that this was much darker than I thought it would be. No matter how I squint, it doesn’t look the same colour as the website. The formula is faultless, but I’m just not happy with the colour.

Overall, my experience with LE’s lip products have been great. I’ve found a new favourite lip colour of all time in a gorgeous formula. The Matte Theory is also great (and looks much more true-to-website than the LTs.) However you may want to be wary of colour differences, or buy more samples, or mix your own colours.


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