Too exciting not to share!

editoria 1l

I post lots of unglam pics of myself: no make up, very little make up, bad lighting, etc.

This is an quick editorial shoot by my husband (an amateur photographer) for my new business. Yes, despite how I look in my usual photos, I CAN look this good! There is 0 liquify, only colour adjustments, and very, very minor skin touchups, mainly for undereye milia. I’m not a beauty retoucher (although I’m a pretty good amateur photoshopper) so I have no idea how to paint over skin magazine like.



If you’re curious this is another image 100% unretouched straight from the camera.

Deetz for DA LOOK which I actually absolutely love:

  • Start with a very well moisturized face. I find that the foundation I used really drags on skin that isn’t moisturized properly.
  • Foundation: Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk, 2 layers for really good coverage
  • Concealer: NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Honey
  • Brows: Life’s Entropy Brow Theory in Ebony
  • Cream contour: Illamasqua Cream pigment in Hollow
  • Powder contour: NYX Blush in Taupe (I contoured the SHIT outta my face!!!!!)
  • Blush: NYX Cream Blush in Natural (My neutral, goes with everything blush)
  • Highlighter: Mary-Lou Manizer (I needed something that looks glistening, not special effectsy, so no using all my special effects highlighters BOO)
  • Eyes: Giorgio Armani ETK in 8 Champagne on inner corners, Rose Gold colour from Chanel Nymphea quad in middle of lid (it’s my platonic Rose Gold – never found any like it.) the brown/taupe shade from Nymphea in the outer corners and on lower lashline, Colourpop Girl Crush in crease. (I’m so yellow that Girl Crush, which is ostensibly true grey, looks PURPLE ON ME.)
  • Shitloads of Maybelline Drama Pen Gel Liner black and also in the upper waterline. I filled up any gaps between lashes easily with my depotted mascara (another use for that damned mascara!)
  • My HG BCL Perfect Liner (Pah!) and Mascara (Yay!) mascara on my lashes. 2-3 coats of MAXIMUM EFFECTZ since I really, really could not with the falsies. I still don’t think you can see my lashes… Also mascara on my lower lashes.
  • Maybelline Master Drama Liner in White on lower lash line. (As much as I hate the texture of it, it stays damn, damn well on my lashline! Like 4-5 hours later it’s still there. wow!
  • Lips: Life’s Entropy Lip Theory in Catalyst (MY LOVE.)
  • Nails: Catrice Lilatric. Very pretty and suits this look and vibe, but thin and needs at least 3 coats to be opaque.

Hire me as a beauty model? 😉

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