Phases in life; Stuff I don’t buy

I think I am very mature. I mean this in a sense that I can see objectively, and very quickly, what is rather irrelevant and stupid to life and what is not.

  • I have been to clubbing/partying a total of like, 5 times. The first 2 or 3 times I ‘enjoyed’ myself. After that, I decided it was stupid to go home drunk at 3am, so I stopped. That’s it.
  • I was on a luxe fashion spree for awhile. This was obviously helped by my healthy salary working in an oil firm (sought after job) at the grand age of 21 (I did say I mature early!) I bought loads of expensive bags/clothes/shoes for about 6 months and then called it quits because obviously spending all that money didn’t make me extremely happy.
  • I had a manicure like, 3 times. It costs way too much for a couple of hours, my nail polish wears off very fast because I can’t keep still, and I have colour-overload syndrome at the salon. I would still go maybe once every 2 years or so when I’m in developing countries (like bangkok) where the service is real cheap, because my hands do look really nice after all the cuticle trimming and shit.
  • My husband had a killer car when he was a bachelor (Nissan GTR, the sports car of many feverish bachelor dreams) and I absolutely loved driving it for awhile (who doesn’t love driving expensive, powerful cars?!) but then I realized it was costing a shit ton of money and forced him to get rid of it.
  • Personal finance wise I am very, very healthy, because I give up all stupid shit that wastes money really fast. I have no problem adapting a relatively frugal, low-consumerism way of life.

God, I’m so rational.

Anyway, that’s why there are some beauty products that I don’t buy/care for.

Hair products:

  • Fancy shampoo and conditioner: They’re all about the same. I’ve used really shitty shampoo before, but never a bloody amazing holy fuck shampoo.
  • Hair treatments: Seeing as I don’t do much with my hair, I don’t really care. I use it very occasionally when my husband buys it, maybe once a year.
  • Heat protectants/styling products: I don’t style my hair, duh. I use the very occasional hairspray when I need hair to hold up in fancy functions, which I borrow from the husband, but how often do you attend fancy functions? My daily hair was a ponytail and now I don’t have hair and I’m so happy!

Body Products:

  • Body Wash: I buy the biggest bottle of Dettol available, mainly because I sometimes have problems with BO and I want to kill all the stink smelling bacteria on me. I did cave in and buy the Boots Vanilla Smoothie body wash which smells like a gorgeous vanilla, but that’s still really cheap and in a big bottle (and I always buy it on sale.)
  • Lotion: God, I hate body lotions. I did actually buy a couple of the lotion version of the Boots, also at a steep discount. Otherwise, I hoard hotel body lotions for when I need them. I don’t need much moisture on my body, and I hate getting stuff onto sheets, and I still can’t figure out the appropriate application sequence. Is it sex, shower, lotion, sleep? Or shower, lotion, sex, sleep? Either way, I like to not get up after getting it on, thank you.
  • Body Oils: Never tried them, don’t intend to. If for whatever reason I wanted to oil myself up (and I think I need to actually, for a shoot coming up soon) I would use olive oil, baby oil or something.
  • Hand cream: I use the body lotions. Lol. I also have a tube of lemongrass handcream that smells like shit but I will valiantly attempt to use it up.


  • Micellar Water/make up removers: Baby oil owns all of that. I have a hugeeeee bottle of Bioderma I bought at a huge sale (see the pattern here) that I will use, but yeah, BABY OIL ALL THE WAY!
  • Toner: I still have a big bottle of TheFaceShop’s discontinued Soohyang snow range, but once I use it up, bye bye. I don’t see the point of toner, it’s mostly water.
  • Facial Mist: Yet another why would I pay $$$ for water?? item. I will just use normal water. Bye.
  • Eye cream: They’re about the same as face creams, just more expensive. I do have the occasional issues with dry eyes around the skin, developing wrinkles (I smile too much – yay?) and I plan to use thick, hydrating serums/creams meant for dry skin, specifically for my eye area.

Make up:

  • Blush: I am halfway to a blush fiend. I always, always slather on blush like there’s no tomorrow. Since my recent discovery that most lipsticks can be used as blush, I haven’t bought a single blush. I’m not a blush snob, and I think 75% of blushes look very similar blended out anyway. I’m sticking with my old blushes, not buying anymore new ones, and using lipstick on my cheeks when I need to.
  • Lip Gloss: occasionally, I have to swallow my own words. Still, I really don’t like sticky, sticky gloss that I have to reapply all the time. A shiny lip can look plump and sexy, sure, but if I really wanted a glossy lip, a matte lip + Vaseline works. Or Lanolin. Unless the gloss has some cool properties (like iridescence.)
  • Expensive array of brow products: My brows are quite nice, and I’m really not into the Instagram super harsh brow trend. I trim the hairs around my brow and keep it neat, that’s it. I use a <$1 pencil (bought from bangkok) that works perfectly fine. I did purchase some Brow Theory samples from Life’s Entropy for $1.50 USD and they were fantastic too.
  • Funky Lip Colours: I love weird colours, but realistically you’re not going to wear a blue lip out all that often. My solution? Apply a thick balm (I prefer Lanolin for this) and pat eyeshadow in the colour you desire all over. Simple! Another good solution is to buy sample/minis of indie cosmetics since if you live a normal life like me you will not wear blue lipstick more than twice a year.

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