Make up Explosion: The Travel Edition

I found out on my recent trip that my cosmetic bag EXPLODED, in a particularly spectacular way.

My NYX HD Eyeshadow Base, which I’ve lost once before and liked enough to repurchase, exploded. Look below:

Photo 11-8-15 10 56 20 am

Oh the horror!

Luckily, nothing much was actually damaged although everything was covered in primer. I had a bitch of a time washing it out of my blush brush. I had to wipe down everything else too.

Photo 11-8-15 11 01 49 am

Here are the items that were damaged. All of them were either old or cheap. NYX Taupe was a beloved staple that I was sad about losing, but the pan was salvageable (only a small amount was lost) so it’s now sitting on top of my vanity and not going anywhere. The LA Girl palette is a mindclusterfuck palette filled with unusable colours, that I’ve had for a long time and just try to use up. The white liner was from Maybelline, old and with an atrocious texture, so I will just use it up quickly and get a new one. The Chanel is a 3 year old foundation that refuses to run out no matter how liberally I use it. The eyelash curler was sad: this particular one was really cheap and semi-pinched my lids but it curled SUPER WELL. Sobs. Everything except the curler was salvageable.


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